Chris The Hard Guy – Chapter X [ 10 ]

We walk into Highpoint hand in hand and stealing side glances at each other. The people there notice us and turn their attention to us. It feels somehow uncomfortable. Chris ignores all that and leads me to a table where a man is seated focused on the screen.

He has his back on us. We get to the table and Chris punches him on the back. He turns smiling and I gasp at who it is. It’s Kelvin. What is he doing here? Do they know each other? I can see he is shocked to see me too.

“Amelia!” He crushes himself on me hugging me tightly. I look at Chris and he is amused.
“Hey Kev? What are you doing here?”
He lets me go and grins at me.
“Wait a minute. Do you two know each other?” Chris is getting impatient.
“Yeah! Amelia is a good friend but I have not seen her in a long time. I’m surprised you two know each other. I thought you were coming with…” he stops midway and glances at Chris.

“Tina! Don’t worry. Amelia knows her. You know I don’t go with her anywhere. You know very well what she is to me.” Chris says clenching my hand. I make a note to ask Kev later what he meant by that.

“Don’t tell me you two are…you know?” Kev has a wicked grin on his face.
“Dating! No way Kev. Your friend is so arrogant and I deal with soft guys.” I have a serious look on my face. Chris looks at me and a smile twitches on his face.

“Really now Amelia! You don’t get to kiss arrogant guys who are not your type!” he pulls the last bit and it’s full of sarcasm.
What the hell! He is snitching on me! The guts he has. I glare at him and they burst out laughing. I pull my seat and sit waiting for Kev to start teasing me. Chris sits next to me and Kev opposite us grinning at me.

“you two look good together!” He still has the wicked grin on his face. Ellen walks in and I smile. I will be saved from Kev’s suggestion but I have a lot of explaining to do. I know it is not easy for Ellen to forget I lied to her. She sees Kev and is amused. Kev rises and hugs her lifting her up and she giggles. That’s my best friend’s relationship with her brother.

I miss having a brother but I’m the only child to my parents. Kev sets her down and pulls a chair for her next to him. I look at Chris and I can say he is extremely amazed.
“I wish you could see how you look Mr. Arrogant. You look like you have seen a ghost. I need to take a picture of this.” We all burst out laughing. I try taking a picture of him and he grabs my phone.

“Don’t even try Amelia. What is happening here bro? Do you know Ellen?”
“Yeah, she is my sister bro! You were setting me up with my sister.” He says grinning and we all burst out laughing.
“I thought I had found a perfect match for you!” Chris says and we all laugh. “ So stupid of me.” He adds and everyone chuckles.
“Yeah, you always are.” I hold my face in my hands and everyone stares at me bemusedly.
“What now? Why are you giving me those looks?”
“Are you calling me stupid Amelia?” I thought he would be mad at me but he is smiling.
“Did you hear me call you that?”
“Do you want to go there with me Amelia? You know how I can get.” His eyes are burning into mine.

“What’s up with you two? Get a room already?” Ellen says grinning and I glare at her.
“Nothing Ellen! I will sort it out with her later. We have a car for that.” He grins at me and I glare at him but all he does is grin. It’s better keeping quiet than arguing with him because I always lose. The waiter comes to take our orders and Chris looks at me for an answer.

“Give me a shot of whiskey please.” Everyone looks at me with surprised looks but I ignore them and focus on the waitress. Chris turns me to look at him and I can tell he is angry.
“You are not taking that! Give her some wine please.”
“I thought it’s supposed to be my choice! Please give me the shots I have asked for!” I say turning to look at the waitress. She is confused and looks for approval from Chris but he is giving a just dare look.

“Do as I say! Wine!” he barks and I can see the waitress is getting scared.
“Okay sir!” She quickly leaves our table without putting up any argument. She knows it better to argue with him.
“Why are you so controlling Chris?” I’m glaring at him.
“Because it’s my nature Amelia. Now, you don’t want to go against that. You will never win against me. Do as I say and stop being stubborn for Christ’s sake!”

“What the hell! When did you start taking whiskey? You don’t do that b##ch!” that’s Ellen.
“Since that AZZhole did what he did to me. You know what he did Ellen!”
Chris and Kev give us astounded looks but no one gives them any explanation.
“Can I talk to you Amelia?” Ellen is already beside me.
“Yeah! I’m listening!”
“Not here b##ch! Privately!” I roll my eyes and follow her to the lady’s washrooms. She stands there looking at me with anger in her eyes.
“Come on darling. Why are you giving me that look.”
“First of all don’t call me that b##ch! Are you even my friend? You didn’t tell me you were with Chris!”

“Come on Ellen! I was to tell you about it later. I didn’t want you to start teasing me.”
“Are you two dating?”
“No! You would be the first to find out.”
“Mmmh! Just like I found out you were with him?” sarcasm.
“I was not to hide that from you.”
“ Did you…you know?” she has a wicked grin.
“No b##ch! We didn’t. We just kissed and nothing else.”
“You two are smitten by each other but you don’t want to accept that. I can see the way he looks at you.”

“We hate each other Ellen. Can we go back to the table?” I don’t want the discussion to go further.
“Sure but make sure to shut up your beak about Vincent. I don’t want them to find out our revenge plan. Kev will kill me.”

“As if he doesn’t know what you are capable of!” I chuckle and she joins in.
“He won’t approve of you hooking up with Vincent’s dad. You know how he baby sits me. Make sure you don’t sleep with him b##ch. You have to pretend you are on your PS every time. Come up with any excuse but make sure you don’t get laid by him.”

“I get it Ellen. I can’t sleep with a man old enough to be my father. Can we go?” she shrugs and we walk back to the table. Our orders have already been brought and I snort when I don’t see any whiskey. The waitress really followed Chris’ instructions. Chris notices it and smiles.

“What was that about?” His gaze is so dark.
“What? Snorting?”
“No! I will ask about that later. You and Ellen, you have taken so long there.”
“Ooh that! Girl’s stuff. None of your business.”

He turns me to look at him and holds my chin in his fingers. He stares deep into my eyes and I can feel his eyes piercing mine. What is he trying to do? Kiss me before all this people? I don’t know what to think of him. His next move is so unpredictable. I can hear Ellen coughing but he ignores her and continues staring into my eyes. I try averting my gaze to something else but he holds my head steadily. His lips are so close to mine. I can feel all eyes on us and I’m bit uncomfortable. He doesn’t care at all. He kisses me lightly on the lips and let’s me go.

“Wow!” that’s Ellen and she is giggling.
“People are in love here!” Kev is grinning at us.
“What was that about?” my voice is in a whisper.
“Chris’ stuff! I bet it’s none of your business!” He is smiling.
“That’s a cliché by now!” I glare at him but he has a wicked grin on his face.
“I know! The girl’s stuff thing is a cliché too”

Uuurgh! He is so annoying. Why is he like that? He is so annoying yet so sweet. How do those two appear in the same sentence? I can still feel the taste of his lips on mine. He has left me yearning for more. I snort and decide to concentrate on my wine.
“So Amelia, you are starting work on Monday, right? I will be so happy to have your brains in my company.” Kev says snapping me out of my reverie.

“Wait a minute! She will be working in your company?” Chris is so astounded.
“Yeah, she is the best one can ever hire. Brains and beauty, she has it all. I’m glad she will be working for me.”

“You see how easy it is for me to find out where you will be working Amelia? I didn’t have to do any research.” I glare at him and he chuckles. I want to strangle Kev for not keeping his mouth shut. Now Chris has another reason to tease me.

“So, why did you leave your previous job Amy?” Kev calls me that sometimes.
“Which one specifically? There are two.”
“The previous one.”
“The CEO sacked me because his b##chy girlfriend asked him to do that.” I look at Chris and he is glaring at me. I smile with satisfaction and turn to focus on Kev.

“What! That old man had a girlfriend!” Ellen grins at me and we both laugh. Chris is so pissed off.
“No! My CEO was a young man. This arrogant guy over here.” I point at Chris and he glares at me. I wink at Ellen and we burst out laughing. It’s Kelvin’s time to be surprised.

“You sacked her because that bitchy Tina asked you to? That’s absurd bro. She is so wicked and I have never liked her.”
“I had reasons bro. You know well what it is so don’t be that way with me. Okay, I don’t like her too but I have to put up with her for reasons you well know!” What are the reasons he is talking about? Why is he with her if he doesn’t like her? I would give everything to know the truth.

“Let’s dance Amelia.” Ellen says pulling me to the dance floor. I know what she is doing. She wants us to give them some space. I watch her shaking her ass and the whole body. She is a good dancer. I don’t want to dance. I want to hear what his reasons for being with Tina are.

“Dance b##ch! You don’t stand on the dance floor like some statue.” I decide to ignore them and I join Ellen in dancing. We dance to the music screaming our hearts out. Someone comes to grind himself on my eyes and I continue dancing thinking it is Chris. Well, the body height is like Chris’. Ellen has stopped dancing and is giving me a weird look.
“What’s wrong with you b##ch? Stop staring at me and dance.” I scream amidst the loud music.

“I know you think you are dancing with Chris but that’s not Chris Amelia!” she glares at me and I turn to look at my dance partner. I glare at him and pull Ellen to another space. We continue dancing but the man follows us there. He touches me and I glare at him.
“Don’t touch me you pig!” I scream at him but nobody else hears because of the loud music.

“Come on beautiful. I will pay you!”
“What the hell! So you think I’m some slut?”
He tries to touch me again but I move away from him and he follows me.
“Stop following me and don’t touch me!” I’m screaming at him.
“Listen to what the lady says and don’t dare touch her again!” I sigh heavily when I notice it’s Chris.

The man seems to be in pain. I look at what is causing the pain and gasp. Chris has his hand on his groin and he is somehow suspended in the air. He lets him go and holds him by the collar almost strangling him.
“Let me go! Who are you?” the man is glaring at him.
“Touch her again and you will be dead meat! I hope we are clear on that!” He takes my hand and leads me to where Kev and Ellen are standing watching us like the rest of the crowd.

“We are leaving Kev! Will see you two around.”
“We should leave too.” Kev takes Ellen’s hand and we walk outside.
“I’m taking you home Ellen!” Kev says and I smile. Their fight is about to start.
“I came with my car Kev. I will take myself home.”
“No! Brian will bring your car later!” Brian is his driver.
“No way Kev! I don’t need to be baby sat. Not now!”
“Don’t argue with me Ellen! You are my little sister and mum would have wanted that. I’m taking you home, period!” He swoops her from the ground and carries her over his shoulder to the car with Ellen cursing. We look at each other with Chris and burst out laughing.
“Let’s go, or do you want me to do the same thing with you?”
“No! I don’t want to start cursing now.” He smiles and leads me to the car.

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