Chris The Hard Guy – Chapter IX [ 9 ].

He runs his fingers through my lips and I tremble. I try pushing him away but he holds me firmly. His warm breathe is driving me crazy.

“Answer me Amelia.” His voice is still in a whisper.
“What Chris?” I find myself whispering too.
“Do you think I’m not your type?”

I don’t know what I’m supposed to say. He has put me in a position where I can’t resist. I just keep quiet looking at him and yearning for him more and more. I remember he has a girlfriend but I don’t give a damn. We can talk about that later. I just want him to kiss me. I want to feel the taste of his lips on mine. Even if it’s just for a second.

He holds my chin and tips my head back so that I’m looking directly into his eyes. His eyes are so intense. I notice for the hundredth time how beautiful they are. He is so handsome and has it all in life. His lips touch mine and I shiver involuntarily. He kisses me lightly on the lips and I lose it completely. I just want this man. He is so irresistible. He holds my face in his hands and kisses me again but deeply this time round. I can’t take it anymore. I entangle my arms on his neck and kiss him back. We are locked in a passionate kiss, lost in each other.

I feel the effect on my groin. He is doing miracles to my groin with just a kiss. If he decides to lay me then I will lose it completely. I decide to enjoy the moment while it still lasts and kiss him like never before. He stops kissing me and looks into my eyes, a smile twitched on his lips. I sigh heavily and he chuckles.

“I thought I’m not your type Amelia.” He has a wicked grin on his face.
“yeah, you are not.”
“Why did you kiss me, with all that passion to be precise?”
“ Because you kissed me.”
“You didn’t have to kiss me back if you think I’m not your type.”
“ I didn’t want to disappoint you.”
“Oooh! Really now? I bet you didn’t.” you can’t fail to trace sarcasm in his voice.
“Where are we going with all this Chris?”
“Nowhere. Just wanted to prove you wrong.”
“If you are done teasing me then I think I will leave. Have a good day Mr. Arrogant.”

I feel so pissed off. So our kiss didn’t mean anything to him? Why am I reacting this way anyway? I was praying for him to kiss me few minutes ago and now I’m mad at him because it was just a game! Well, you can’t blame me. I feel used. I guess I wanted it to last but too bad it was a stupid game.

I make for the door but he pulls me back, hugging me from behind. He nibbles at my ear and I tremble. He goes ahead to kiss me on my neck. The effect on my groin is too much now. He releases me and turns me to look at him.

“Why are you so pissed off Amelia?” the way he mentions my name makes me shiver involuntarily.
“Because you are playing games with me Chris.”
“Did you enjoy what you are calling a game?”
“I won’t answer that. I will ask Sam to take me home.”
“He won’t. He takes orders from me only.”
“Then tell him to take me home. I have had enough for today.”
“I won’t. You are here until tomorrow.”
“Why are you doing this Chris?”
He takes my hand and leads me to the dressing table. He lifts me up and sits me on the table. He then positions himself between my legs and looks into my eyes.

“Because I can Amelia. Now, answer my question.”
“Which question?”
“Did you enjoy the kiss?”
“No! It was pathetic. Can I now go home?”
“So it was pathetic!” He is looking at me intensely.
“Yeah, for lack of a better word.”

“Oooh Amelia!” He crashes himself on me and kisses me passionately. I get lost in it and forget that it was supposed to be pathetic. He is so annoying yet so sweet. He stops kissing me and runs his fingers on my lips.

“So how was that? Still pathetic?” He is giggling. My phone rings and I’m happy for the interruption. I don’t have to answer his question now. I take it and he grabs it from my hand.

“Answer me first.”
“Let me answer the call first.”
“No! Answer me first. Be fast Amelia. The person on the other end is getting impatient.”
I breath heavily. I can’t win against him so it’s better to answer his question first.
“It was good.”
“Yes Chris! Give me my phone!”

He grins and gives me my phone but the call ends before I pick it. I glare at him and he looks at me smiling. He doesn’t care. I look at the call log. It’s Ellen. She will kill me for this. I call her back and she picks on the first ring.

“B##ch!” She is angry.
“Hey Ellen?”
“Where are you? I’m at your place and you aren’t here! You don’t go anywhere on Saturdays.”
“You can at least say hi too before acting all motherly to me.” I say laughing. Ellen always gets angry for minor things but I know how to calm her down.

“Hey too b##ch. Now, where are you?”
“Running some errands in town darling.” I have to lie to her. I can’t tell her I’m with Chris. I don’t have the time to answer all her questions and I’m not in the mood for her teasing.

Chris looks at me bemusedly but I choose to ignore him and focus on my conversation with Ellen. Well, I bet he has also lied severally in his lifetime.
“Okay darling! Call me once you are home.”
“I will Ellen. Take care.” I hang up and look at Chris.
“That was one hell of a lie! Why did you lie to her?”
“It is none of your business I guess.”
“Mmmh! I think I have an idea. Give me your phone.” He grabs my phone before I say no and dials a number.

“Hey Ellen? This is Chris. I guess you remember me.” I don’t know what Ellen says to that but he is smiling. I look at him with my mouth open. I can’t believe he is doing this.
“yeah, I’m with Amelia. Mind going out with us tonight? At Highpoint. I can have one of my drivers pick you.” I gasp.

Chris has some guts and I know Ellen will kill me for this. He looks at me and hands me the phone smiling.
“She wants to talk to you.” Here we go. I’m about to get my death sentence.
“B##ch! So Chris is the errand you are running in town?” she is so mad at me.
“Come on Ellen. I knew you would start asking your endless questions and teasing me that’s why I had to lie. So, are you coming?” I can’t believe I’m asking her this. Chris has made a decision that involves me and I have not put up any fight.

“Of course I’m. I can’t miss this for anything in the world. And Amelia, I’m not yet done with you.” It’s a threat and I know I’m going to be answering to many questions tonight.
“Okay Ellen. I’m ready to be crucified. See you there.” I hear her chuckling on the other end and I hang up. I look at Chris and say nothing.

“Aren’t you going to say something?”
“I won’t. If I say anything you will throw me out of your house. Let me keep all the insults to myself.” I want to crush his head with the mirror for all that. How dare he?

“I will call a friend to join us.” He has ignored my outburst and is smiling. He never takes anything seriously.
“Which friend? If it’s one of the guys you were humiliating me with the other day then I’m not going anywhere with you.”
“Cool down Amelia. It’s someone totally different. He is my best friend and I guess he will like Ellen.”

“Are you trying to set up my friend with a man?”
“No but you never know.” He has a wicked grin on his face. He walks to the closet and gives me two dresses. One is yellow and the other one is a v-shaped white dress.
“Choose one from those. I guess you will go for the white one. It’s your favorite color and it will look good on you.”

“Are these Tina’s clothes? I’m not putting them on. I can’t put on her dress.”
“They are not. Tina doesn’t leave her clothes here. She knows she can’t and she wouldn’t dare.”
“So they belong to some other woman?” I’m dying with jealousy.

“Amelia! Amelia! Amelia! What do I do with you? Those are your dresses. I had Sam buy them for you because you would need them while here. They are new. Look at the tags on them before making up assumptions. Take a shower. I will go to the study. I have to make some calls.” He smiles at me and leaves the room.

I look at the price tags and gasp. They must have cost him a fortune. I will wear the white one. That’s what he prefers and I will go with it. I strip naked and get into the bathroom to freshen up. I finish taking a shower and go back to the bedroom. I put on the white dress and smile. It shows my cleavage and is hugging my curves so well. I must admit I look good in it. Chris comes in and hugs me from behind. He smiles at me in the mirror and I smile back. I forget for once that we are supposed to be enemies.

“Wow! You are so beautiful.” He whispers into my ears and I shiver involuntarily. He notices it and chuckles.
“I will take a quick shower and we can go.” He walks into the bathroom and leaves me there smiling to myself. He finishes dressing up and I have to admit he is breathe taking.

“You are looking good.” I find myself whispering and he smiles.
“Thanks Amelia. One does not get to hear such complements from you and I’m humbled. Let’s go.”

He takes my hand and leads me downstairs. Alice is there and she smiles at me warmly.
“See you later Alice.” I say smiling back at her. She says nothing but smiles at me warmly. I guess she is scared of Chris. We get outside and Sam is waiting. I wonder whether he is always hanging around in case he is needed.

Chris opens my door and walks to the other side. Sam is there and has already opened his door. He sits down beside me.
“Highpoint Sam!”
“Okay sir!”
He holds my chin in his fingers and looks into my eyes.
“What are you and Alice up to?”
“Nothing! Why? We just clicked from the first day.”
“Mmmh! I guess she likes you a lot.”
“And I like her too.”
He pulls me to him and I relax in his embrace.

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