Story Time: Chris The Hard Guy – Chapter IV

My phone rings and I smile. It’s Ellen. She is so impatient when it comes to gossip. I’m glad she doesn’t know where I work. Knowing her well, she would have come to see me immediately she got my call.

“Yes Ellen! It’s not yet time.”
“Quit it b##ch! You know I like gossip and I’m so impatient. Just tell me what Vincent has done.”

“No darling! We meet at Highpoint and I will tell you everything.”
“You know I’m worried about you darling. Did he hurt you?” I smile. That’s the way she gets me talking but I’m not going to make it easy for her. She has to wait for our meeting.

“Don’t even go that line with me b##ch. I’m not telling you anything on phone.”
“You are so stubborn sometimes Amelia. How come I’m your friend?” she is laughing.
“Because you can’t resist being my friend.” I say joining in the laughter.
“I will wait then. At what time are we meeting?”
I look at the time. It’s already four. Six will do.
“ Are you okay with six?”
“I’m okay with anytime. You know me and gossip are inseparable.” She says chuckling.
“See you then. And no more calls. I have a boss who is so unpredictable and arrogant. I don’t want to get on the wrong side with him.” I smile as I say those words.

He has become my obsession and I can’t have a complete conversation without mentioning him anywhere.

“Okay darling. See you.” She hangs up and leaves me smiling. That’s my main b##ch. I’m just eager to know what she will do when she finds out what Vincent did to me. She will strangle him.

I get busy with work and before I know it, it’s time to leave. I have to tell my boss I’m leaving. That’s my happiness. I will get to see him again. I knock softly on his door and walk in. He has a dark gaze on me and it makes me uncomfortable. His eyes are so intense and I can feel them burning into mine. How I wish I can get him for just a day. He is so handsome. I just want to run my fingers through his hair and chest.

“Well Amelia, are you going to stare at me the whole evening?” I look down in embarrassment. I have been staring at him for close to five minutes. That’s how distracting he can be.

“I’m would like to leave sir. I wanted to know whether it’s okay with you.”
“Going to party, aren’t you?”
“I’m not going to party. I’m just meeting a friend for something important. Is there anything I can do for you before I leave?”

He stands up and comes towards me. He stands so close that I can smell his perfume and body wash. He holds my chin and tips my head back to look at him. I shiver involuntarily. I’m so tensed. Those beautiful eyes are piercing into mine. I don’t care whether mine are beautiful or not. The important thing is the way he is looking at me.

“Don’t take too much alcohol Amelia!”
Damn! It’s both a warning and concern for me. I feel elated. He is concerned about me.
“I won’t be taking any alcohol sir. I know I will be working tomorrow and I can’t risk. Can I go?”

“ It’s okay! Just take care of yourself.”

I smile and leave his office quickly. Once outside, I let out a heavy breathe. I had been holding my breathe. For how long will this happen? How will I survive working with him knowing the effect he has on me? Maybe I should look for another job but no! I can’t stand not seeing Chris. I take the stairs and quickly walk to the parking lot. I get into the car and drive out of the parking lot.

I’m in highpoint club within no time. Ellen is waiting for me impatiently. I walk to where she is and she glares at me.

“You are late!”
“with only ten minutes Ellen!”
“Ten minutes is a lot especially when one wants to catch up with the latest gossip.” She chuckles and I join in.
“Sorry darling! Was doing something for my boss.” I don’t want to give her the details. I know how she can get.
“Well,? You dumped me!”
“I didn’t dump you. You know you are my main b##ch. I’m not cheating on you?” we burst out laughing.

“ So how have you been darling?”
“Not so good Ellen. I lost my job!”
“What! When?”
“On Friday! I got a termination letter on my desk.”
“And you didn’t think it wise to tell me?” she is glaring at me.
“I didn’t want to bother you with my issues Ellen.”
“Come on b##ch! What are friends for?”
“Thanks Ellen. That’s not the worst. At least I have a new job.”
“What else happened?”
“I lost Vincent.”
“Is he dead? You didn’t even tell me!” she looks remorseful and I can’t help but laugh. She glares at me and I try stifling my laughter.

“I wish he would be dead but it’s not the case. He left me for some silly b##ch!”
“What! That AZZhole! We are going to kick his AZZ or we can crush his balls!”
The waiter brings our orders and looks at us in amazement. He has heard Ellen’s threats and he looks surprised.

“Well? You can leave now. I’m sure other people need to be served by you! It’s rude to listen to people’s conversation.” She says glaring at him. Trust Ellen to say anything.
“Sorry madam!”
“Get lost dude!” The waiter quickly leaves and Ellen snorts.
“Some people! Back to our conversation. What really happened?”
“You were rude Ellen!”
“He deserved it. Why was he listening in to our conversation? Tell me what happened. The waiter can go to hell.”

That’s the type of a person I have for her friend.

“He said we are not good for each other and his heart belongs to someone else!”
“What! You are kidding me, right?”
“I’m so serious Ellen. That was his excuse.”
“So you stick with his broke AZZ for five years and now that he is successful you are not good for each other!” she is rolling her eyes.

She is so pissed off and I like it that way.

“He even went ahead to send me their picture together! The guts he has!”
“Such an AZZhole! Let me see that picture.” I show her the picture on my phone and she sneers. “What did he see in her? She is not appealing.”
I laugh at her words. She can be b##chy sometimes.
“Inner beauty darling!” I’m chuckling.
“Inner beauty my foot! Why didn’t he see that beauty when you were supporting him financially? Why now? Does the b##ch know you were his?”
“Yes! She knew.”
“That bitch! I will show her what it means to mess with my girlfriend!” she is so angry.
“I need your help. You are a bad AZZ revenger.”
“You don’t need to mention it darling. I would have revenged for you without your consent.” We both burst out laughing.
“So what do we do?”
“You seduce his father and become the AZZhole’s mother. As simple as that!” she has a brilliant smile on her face.
“What! Are you kidding me Ellen?”
“”No darling! I’m damn serious about this. You become his step mum!”
“You said that they were not in good terms with his dad before and that’s why he didn’t help him, right?”
“Yes, and?”
“He has not written anything under Vincent’s name, right?”
“Yes, he just gave him the company and some other things but none is in his name.”
“Perfect! Seduce him and make sure he writes everything under your name and then you can have Vincent’s AZZ on the streets again.”
“You think it’s that easy?”

“Come on Amelia! Vincent’s dad is so fond of you and he has been making moves on you for so long. This is the perfect time to say yes to him. There is no way he will say no to you.”
“It’s bad Ellen! It’s against my morals!”
“To hell with your morals. It’s not like he will be cheating on anyone. His wife is dead and Vincent needs a mum!” she chuckles and we burst out laughing.
“I guess I will think about it.”
“Not thinking about it. You have to do it. Can’t wait to see Vincent’s face when his dad introduces you to him as his wife.” She is giggling.
“It’s not yet done! Don’t count your chicks before they hatch!”
“I know our plan will work. His dad won’t resist you. Go to his office and pay him a visit.”
“ You are the devil herself Ellen! What am I doing with you as my friend?” I’m chuckling.

“You know I’m irresistible!” we both burst out laughing.
“I will do it! Let’s teach the AZZhole a lesson and see whether that bitch will want him after he becomes broke.”
“That’s my b##ch!” We giggle and click our glasses as a way of toasting.
“And b##ch, the guy seated at the table on your left can’t get his eyes off you. We have free drinks tonight!” she says giggling.

I look at the table she is talking about and gasp. The same beautiful eyes are looking at me. It’s Chris. He notices my expression and smiles. I quickly look at Ellen with a funny expression on my face.

“You look like you have seen a ghost b##ch!” she is laughing.
“You have to be kidding me. What is he doing here?”
“Do you know him? He is so handsome. He has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.”
“ yeah! I know him. That’s Chris. He is my boss.”

“Wow! How do you feel working with him? You two would look good together.” She is giggling like a teenager.
“Don’t even go there. He has a girlfriend!”
“Vincent had a girlfriend too but he left her for some b##ch. He can leave his girlfriend for you too. That’s what relationships are about these days.”
“He is so arrogant! I like my men soft.”

“Give me a break Amelia! Vincent was soft but he ended up hurting you. These arrogant men don’t hurt you easily. They are the perfect guys.”
“Exactly my point! There is no way he will leave his girlfriend for me.”
“Well! I see it happening soon. I can see he wants you by the way he looks at you.” I glare at her and she laughs.

“You can glare at me as much as you want but it’s the truth. We can bet on that.”
We are interrupted by someone standing at our table. I don’t need to be told who it is. The body wash and perfume tell it all. I look at him and he is smiling at me.

“Hey ladies? Mind if I join you?”
“Not at all! You can join us!” Ellen winks at me and I give her a murderous look. They burst out laughing.

“If looks could kill your friend would be dead by now Amelia.” He is already seated and has a dark gaze on me.

“Don’t mind her. I’m used to that. She has a soft side though. She is the best one can get.” She winks at me and I know what she is doing. I will deal with her later.

“ I want to see that side!” he has his eyes on me. I need to change the topic.
“Forgive my manners guys. This is Ellen sir. She is my best friend. And this is my boss Ellen.”

“I have a name Amelia. I’m Chris Ellen.” He says a smile twitched on his face.
“Pleasure to meet you Chris.”
“The pleasure is all mine Ellen. I can see you are not having whisky today Amelia!” you can’t fail to notice the sarcasm in his voice.

“No sir! I told you I was forced by circumstances.” I’m so uncomfortable. I need to get out of here and go home.
“I need to go home. I’m so tired.” I add and Ellen glares at me.
“That’s so fast girl!” Ellen says still glaring at me.
“I’m tired darling. We will talk tomorrow.”

“Okay then. Let’s settle the bill and leave.” Thank God she hasn’t argued much.
“I will settle your bill.” He motions to the waiter before I say anything. He settles the bill and smiles at us. “ I will walk you out.”

Once outside, Ellen quickly hugs us and runs to her car. I know what she wants. I lean on my car and Chris stands before me looking at me intensely.

“I can take you home.”
“No sir! I can’t leave my car here.”
“I will have Sam bring it to your place.”
“I really appreciate but not today.”
“You are so stubborn, aren’t you Amelia?” let him call me stubborn but I can’t sit in the same place with him for more than ten minutes.

“Not really. I just want some privacy to think about some things.”
“Okay then. I guess I will see you at work tomorrow.”
“Sure sir. See you tomorrow.”
I quickly get into the car and sigh heavily. Why does he have such an effect on me?

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