Chris The Hard Guy – Chapter XII ( 12 )

My heart leaps inside my chest for a whole insane second. Well, it could be a whole minute or two but I don’t really care about that right now. I just need to know who did the honor of bringing flowers to my new office.

It’s only one person that is capable of that. Chris. He is the only one apart from Kelvin and Ellen who knows my new work place. I rule out every possibility of Kev doing that and I’m left with only one person. It must be Chris.

The sweet fragrance of the roses is all over the room. I walk to the table and take one rose in my hand. I run my fingers on the petals and they are so cool and smooth. I pluck out the label and read the contents aloud.

“ I wish you all the best in your new job Amelia. Chris.” The words makes my heart thud. I smile and read the card again and again. I know I’m acting like a teenager but you don’t get to receive flowers in your office so early in the morning. Especially when it comes from men like Chris.

I may as well enjoy it while it lasts. I lift the rose to my nose and sniff it. The scent is so exquisite and intoxicating. I know I’m getting ahead of myself. Well, I can’t help it after he insinuated on the dating issue. I decide to give him a call but I won’t make it obvious that I liked the flowers. I dial his number and he picks on the first ring.

“Amelia!” The way he calls my name makes dragons flutter through my stomach. I want to hear him call me that the whole day. That husky voice is worthy listening to the whole day.

“Chris! I have just gotten into my office and been met by the sight of some useless flowers. Mind giving an explanation on all this.”
“Wow! Such an awful mood for the morning. You are so creepy!” I can hear him chuckling on the other end.
“Ooh! Creepy You say! You are the creepy one here Chris.” I sputter. Being called creepy is not the best thing. Especially by Chris.
“Are you flirting with me Amelia?”
Jeez! The guts.
“I’m not Mr. Arrogant.”
“So what’s the problem with having flowers delivered to your office?”
“The issue is I don’t like flowers. White roses to be precise. I will have them decorate my dustbin.”

“Suit yourself! The important thing is you have gotten my message.” I hear him chuckling on the other end and smile. He never takes anything seriously. I hang up and look at the sight before me again. All that is breath taking. He has taste in everything. I will put them in a vase later. There is no way they will be decorating my dustbin. I was just trying to be stubborn with him.

I settle down to work but all I think of is Chris. His arrogance which is annoying and sweet at the same time. Talk of paradox. I remember his kisses and smile. He is a damn good kisser. Why did I forget to tell Tina that? I’m sure she could have killed herself. She was threatening me yet her man his sending flowers to my office! Such irony. I hate her. She is just some ugly fat b**ch!

If I’m not wrong he asked something about us dating. Was he serious or just trying to pull my leg? What if he was serious, would I say yes to him? How will our relationship be like if all we do is argue and piss off each other? This whole thing is totally insane. The thought of him excites me. He is like a trip to the jungle and if I’m not careful I will get lost in it completely never to come out. But does it hurt to explore! Again I can’t rush. One can never make rushed decisions.

I decide to concentrate on my work and put him off my mind in the meantime. I can’t afford to disappoint Kev after all the hope he has on me. I will make him and his company proud. I’m interrupted by a soft knock on the door. I lift my eyes to look at the intruder. It’s a talk dark haired guy with startling blue eyes.

I must admit he looks quite impressive. My eyes go down to his chest and I’m aware of my gasping. He has a heavy impressive chest. He is good. If he was not in the grey suit that was clinging to the his well sculpted body then I would have died of desire. He is handsome but not like Chris.

Chris is beyond my explanation. Everything in my life revolves around Chris of late. I shift my eyes to his face and he is grinning. It was so rude for me to stare.
“Should I come in?”
“Yeah…sure. Come in.” I shift my eyes to the monitor embarrassed of all the staring I just did. Not that I would want him but it’s good to appreciate God’s work. He sits in front of me and a smile is spread on his lips.

“I’m Damian. You are Amelia, right?”
“Mmmh….. Yeah.” I say widening my eyes. How does he know my name? I’m sure Ellen would like him.
“ Forgive my manners. You must be wondering how I knew your name. Mr. Brown told me to help you catch up.” I notice they refer to Kev using his surname.

“Oooh! Pleasure meeting you Damian. I will really do with some help here.” He gives me a lopsided smile and I smile back warmly.

We get down to work with him trying hard to seek my attention but I feel nothing for him. If it were Chris it would be another case. Damian is handsome but I know I want Chris. The problem is that I don’t know what Chris is really up to. Maybe he just wants me as one of his many concubines. I don’t know whether he has any but such guys can never be trusted when it comes to such matters. I know he can’t keep his trousers zipped.

Damian grazes his hand on mine and I feel somehow uncomfortable. I’m sure it was not accidental. I look at him and his eyes are focused on the monitor. He is pretending not to notice me. He shifts his gaze to me and our eyes lock. I don’t shift my gaze. I maintain eye contact with him and he winks and focuses on the monitor once again.

I know what he is trying to do. I feel like telling him off but I control myself. We met few hours ago and it doesn’t hurt to be patient and courteous.

“Ready Amy!” Ellen shouts storming in and gasps when she sees Damian. The same reaction I had few minutes ago. I purse my lips to prevent myself from laughing. She sees it but shifts her gaze back to Damian. In normal days she would have glared at me but seeing Damian has changed her even if I know it’s only for a few minutes.

“Hey beautiful! I’m Damian.” He finally breaks the silence in the room. I watch Ellen’s expression and try so hard not to laugh. She has a wolfish grin on her face.
“I’m Ellen.”

“She is my best friend. Mr. Brown’s sister.” I’m sure not many people there have met Ellen. She rarely goes to Kev’s office so they don’t know her.
“Oooh! Pleasure meeting you madam.” His grin suddenly changes. It’s obvious he is scared of Ellen. Well, she is the CEO’s sister and that is expected.

“I will see you around Amelia.” He hurriedly leaves the room without a second glance at us.
“What the hell! What was that?” I ask widening my eyes.
“Who is that hot guy Amy?”
“He is a worker here. He was helping me catch up on all the work. He is scared of you.”
“That was because you told him I’m Kev’s sister you b**ch! Now he is scared of me and I have lost a potential husband.” She grins and we burst out laughing.

“Really Ellen? That fast.”
“Don’t give me that look Amelia! You and Chris just met recently and you are all over each other. That can happen with me and Damian too.” She chuckles and I join in.

“Chris and I hate each other. We can’t be in the same sentence.”
“Really now? What type of hating is that?” she tips a head sideways and grins foolishly.
“Just hatred.”
“ You two are so weird. Anyway! Have you noticed his chest? Oooh my God! It’s something else.”

“Can we talk about Damian later Ellen? We have a mission to accomplish remember.” I have seen all that and my mind is on the mission ahead.
She grins and pulls me outside. I lock the office and we walk into the elevator and go to the basement where my car is parked. I start the car and look at Ellen. She is still grinning.

I park outside Vincent’s dad office and exhale heavily. I’m so tensed. How will I start and what will be his reaction?
“Am I really doing this Ellen?”
“Yes b**ch! Don’t tell me you want to butt out of this.”
“Just tensed.”
“Come on Amelia! It’s not like you are going to sleep with him. Remember we are revenging. Go in there and make me proud.”

There is no way I’m backing out of this. I must go ahead with the revenge.
“Okay. Wish me luck.”
“All the best darling.”
“Thanks darling. Wait for me here. I will be back.”

I walk out of the car and walk into the building. I take the elevator and I’m on fifth floor in no time. I get out of the elevator and breath heavily. I know I’m tensed but I’m doing this. I walk to the reception and his secretary is smiling sweetly at me.
“Hey! How can I help you?” she still has the warm smile on her face.
“I’m here to see Mr. Greg.”
“Do you have an appointment?”
“ I don’t but I’m sure if you tell him I’m here he won’t decline.”
“Okay. Let me check. Whom do I tell him it is?”
“Amelia Smith.”

I watch her dial a number on the phone and I breath heavily hoping he will see me.
“A Amelia smith is here to see you but she doesn’t have an appointment.” She keeps quiet for a while fiddling with a pen.
“Okay sir! Right away.” She hangs up and turns to look at me. “ he is ready to see you. Just go in.”

I sigh heavily. Part one of the mission is accomplished. I breath heavily and open the door. I walk into the elegant massive office.