Madagascar Recording Only Recoveries And NO Death In Using Local Cure For COVID-19.

In one of our previous reportage, Madagascar has overlooked orders from World Health Organisation [ W.H.O ] thus, producing their locally discovered cure for COVID-19 in bulk for the treatment of it’s citizens.

Madagascar, an island off the southern part of Africa is making great strides in its management of COVID-19 issues.

As of today, the total number of Corona virus cases is at only 128.

Out of this number, the country has recorded 92 recoveries leaving the active cases at 36.

Fortunately and courageously, the nation has resorted to the use of a locally produced medicine they are using to treat the COVID-19 patients.

The use of the drug has proven effective as the nation is yet to record a single death.

The Corona virus pandemic across the African continent is rising astronomically although global figures are seeing a decline.

Africa has its Corona virus case count at 39,460 with 1,630 deaths and 13,014 recoveries. The number of active cases is 24,816.

South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco are the countries with the most cases of COVID-19 while Comoros has recorded only a case.