5 To-Dos To Maintain A Productive Thinking.

These are motivation words picked from the teachings of Pastor TD Jakes about things to do to maintain a productive mind frame even in tough times.

1. Don’t waste time on who’s fault it is in the crisis. Blame doesn’t FIX anything!⁣

2. If you find yourself spinning your wheels mentally, give your mind a break. Come back to it after some rest. Rest restores the mind to RESToration!⁣

3. Irrigate your mind by talking to people who can share a fresh perspective. And don’t argue with wise counsel, trying to exonerate yourself or indict someone else.⁣

4. Train your mind to skim over the problem and focus on being solution-oriented!⁣

5. Some things are beyond your control. Those things are the ones you turn over to God! The humility of admitting your limitations and His infinite ability is in itself a form of praise!⁣

I speak peace to whatever may have you feeling overwhelmed. Take a long luxurious bath; talk to a friend that makes you laugh. Whatever you do, don’t take your worries to bed with you! Give yourself a two-hour window of detox before lying down!⁣

I pray this helps you have spiritual wholeness and mental wellness!