Boyfriend Loses Grip After He Finds A Huge Cucumber Wearing Condom In Her Wardrobe

Wonders shall end as long women cannot be satisfied. This was the vase when a boy lover discovers a gigantic cucumber wearing a condom in his lover’s wardrobe.

You can’t take it from them. They are the ever-existing Oliver twist. They always want more of what we they are getting. No wonder nothing stops a woman who wants to soar higher in life.

According to the trending video which was taken in Nigeria, the boyfriend invited the girlfriend to stay with him to prevent promiscuity on both sides.

Sadly, banging her always and giving her full attention in the night with huge whatever the man is carrying, the lady still decided to employ a cucumber for the same job. To prevent any “cucumber transmitted diseases”, she wore a condom for the cucumber, hilarious, right?


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