Top 21 Tech Blogs In The UK

Talking about technology, its news, and its casters, tech blogs in the UK cannot be outlived as they play a big chunk in the task of educating the globe in tech.

The impacts of technology devices and IT products in society, businesses, firms, and even in individuals’ life cannot be over-emphasis mainly on their capacity to giving multiplying effects on whatever it’s put to.

Technology has been said to mean any tools or devices that aid the efficiency of tasks performance and enable activities to be carried out effortlessly, and timely.

Technology extends throughout almost every aspect of our lives starting From mobile phones and tablets, computers, security devices systems, digital currency, home automation systems, etc.

Our daily activities and lives are steered by connected technology devices. The world is becoming increasingly reliant on IT gadgets for efficiency in task performance.

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Tech Blogs In The UK

The challenge with these technological devices especially in developing countries is being informed about the latest news and analysis on every aspect of technology. And these tech blogs in the UK play a major role, even bigger outside the UK.

Based on this issue, I present to you 21 top tech blogs in the UK to help you navigate the world of technology and get the latest and comprehensive reports on each of the devices.


Top 21 Tech Blogs In The UK

In August 2014, a team of Adarsh Verma, Ananda Verma, and Arpit Verma co-founded the Fossbytes tech website in India, primarily as a source of technology news and tutorials online.

The tech blog reports in-depth news on digital, industrial, security gadgets, web giants, social media, and all forms of the technological brand with consistent innovation trends.

Fossbytes is a technology news site that focuses on open source, Linux, and amp; security, programming, Windows 10, and general technology news.

The tech blog site is on the mission of making technology simple for everyone across the globe by always providing insightful tech coverage and tutorial help.

Because of their simplicity in delivering tech news and dedicated media team, Fossbytes now generates over 5 million monthly page views and more than 1.5 million followers on Facebook


Top 21 Tech Blogs In The UK

The TNW (The Next Web) is a tech blogging website that was co-founded by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten and Patrick de Laive in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in the year 2006.

The main focus is to report news covering technology scientific research, robotics, and policies on the digital world and their respective applications in daily activities.

The NEXT WEB Tech provides informative and workable news, reports, and analysis covering a wide range of technologies, the internet, social media, and the IT industry.

The Tech website writes for individuals and businesses who are interested in digital products and talks about how businesses can leverage new technologies.


Top 21 Tech Blogs In The UK

In 1988, a married couple, Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair founded Zine as a small circulation of self-published work that serves as a vital means of communication within a society.

In 1995, Boing Boing was inaugurated as a website, due to its incredible performance in publications, and in one year, it was the only web publication.

Frauenfelder later launched it as a weblog, describing it as a “directory of wonderful things” Frauenfelder was letter rejoined by four co-editors: Doctorow, Pescovitz, Jardin, and Beschizza.

Boing Boing is now a well-recognized technology blog website, providing educative and insightful news on tech-related topics such as technology, science fiction, gadgets, intellectual property, etc.

The tech blog site has an incredible editorial team in the name of Mark Frauenfelder, David Pescovitz, Carla Sinclair, Rob Beschizza, and Jason Weisberger.

The editorial team won the website, the Weblog of the Year in 2004 and 2005. In 2006, it was reported as the most popular, linked, and cited blog in the world.


Top 21 Tech Blogs In The UK

MIT tech blog site was established in 1899 as the Technology Review company on digital products by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and re-launched on April 23, 1998, by R. Bruce Journey.

The MIT Technology Review is now an internationally recognized tech website and magazine that specializes in giving in-depth analysis, insightful information, reviews, and interviews.

The tech blog site also does surveys, and live details, clarifying the latest technologies and their corresponding economical, social, and political effects on society.

MIT Technology Review is an authority in the field of digital and technology coverage because of its good relationship with the world’s major technology establishments.

The MIT tech site has a great editorial team who are good in wide technical knowledge, the ability to view technologies in their widest context, and access to foremost inventors and researchers.


Top 21 Tech Blogs In The UK

RECODE is a blog tech website that concentrated on breaking technology and digital news of Silicon Valley which is a region in Northern California.

Silicon Valley in San Francisco Bay Area is a global center for high technology and innovation in the world. RECODE was founded by technology journalists, Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher in January 2014, after they left ALL THINGS DIGITAL.

All Things Digital is a tech blog site they created for Dow Jones and News Corp. In May 2015, Vox Media acquired Recode, and in the same May 2019, Recode was incorporated into Vox.

As a result of the integration, Recode has doubled its monthly 1.5m page view, focussing on the latest technology and digital news, especially on the activities of Silicon Valley.

In addition to covering the activities of Silicon Valley, Recode also reviews the latest tech and digital products, and software, and conducts in-depth analysis reports on digital devices.


Zath is among Uk best tech blog sites that are breaking out the latest news on technology products, software and hardware applications, hi-tech gadgets, and the best video games within the society.

Zath technology blog site runs daily news, investigative commentary, in-depth analysis, thorough reviews, and guides on all tech-related topics, the latest inventions, and their impact on society.

Zath was founded by Simon Barker, managing editor, based in the York area of the UK. Simon Barker who has a keen interest in technology has worked as a data analyst, an Oracle HR database system, and a freelance IT consultant for individual users and small business clients.

The Zath tech website is well-known for its accurate reporting on technology in the UK for over 12 years and has received numerous awards, including the Computer Weekly IT Blog Awards for Best Gadget Blog.


Top 21 Tech Blogs In The UK

When it’s come to leveraging technology and other digital-related products for advancing in business, entrepreneurs, and marketing, the Sage blog site is there for you.

Sage tech blog is an authority for e-commerce based on its integrated social and mobile technology information through reporting.

The website has helped businesses and entrepreneurs make better, advanced, and informed decisions anytime, anywhere in the world via tech coverage.

The website also provides daily news, support, and expertise via a blog post for businesses and firms on how to manage customers, employees, payment systems, and resources for maximum profitability.


Crave is the tech blog site in the UK that reports accurate and first-hand news on topics like health, home, money, culture, climate, etc., and how to live a modern life of them.

If you are looking for a dependable tech site on global news, commentary, analysis, features, reviews, buying guides, cryptocurrency, games, etc. Crave website is there for you

Crave website is home to insightful news on the latest digital products, best Internet products, the tech industry, cyber security, 5G, mortgages, politics, science, Google pixel, antivirus, etc.


Econsultancy UK blog is a tech website that provides businesses globally with all the vital digital Econsultancy ideas, and E-marketing skills to enable them to operate in the modern marketing era.

The tech blog site was founded by Ashley Friedlein, In 1999 as a consultancy website with offices in London and New York.

Since its creation, the website has continued to provide global leadership training on how digital marketing, e-commerce, and technology can lead to maximum results in businesses.

With over 3.8 million monthly page views, Econsultancy is an award-winning blog site with weekly Marketing interviews with some of the world’s foremost marketers including Procter and Unilever Keith Weed.


Mighty Gadget tech blog is a household name when it comes to the latest news on gadgets, digital products, and reviews related to technology advancement and its impact on the economy, and social life.

Mighty Gadget blog site delivers in-depth reviews on technology and gadgets invariably in the market and how they can help keep society, and families safe and assist in home security.

The website also gives a comprehensive analysis of the best gadgets for security systems, phones, and mobile devices, where and when to buy and sell cryptocurrency, cybersecurity devices, etc.


Tub blog is the IT Business Growth Expert tech blog website. The tech business blog site provides a day-to-day detailed analysis of how technology can have a positive effect on businesses.

Its analysis provides professional advice on how to grow IT business, digital marketing strategy, training, and consultation to IT companies.

Tub blog tech news site is founded and managed by Richard Tubb, who hails from Killingworth, Newcastle, UponTyne in the North-East of England.

Richard Tubb is a former Managed Service Provider (MSP) business owner who specializes in helping businesses to focus on what is important and earn money through Professionalism in IT.


The Register is a prominent and trusted global online technology news website, that focuses primarily on a comprehensive analysis of the latest tech news around the world.

Some of the tech topics that Register reviews are hardware, software, AI, and cloud services, plus off-duty articles on space, electronics, tech culture, and engineering.

The Register was founded in 1994 in London as a periodic email newsletter. It started online daily publication in 1998.

Today, The registered tech blog has 40m page viewers and journalists in America, Australia, and Britain reporting news on business technology, business software, and security matters in the world.


The Developer Tech blog has content on most foremost technology and IT app developers, covering news on the latest topics relating to technology

Some of the topics are digital marketing, Cloud computing, blockchain, telecommunication, coding, monetization, Billing, etc. Within the apps development community.

The Developer tech news website was established in 2011 to provide educative and leadership training to developers around the world on technology and digital-related topics.

In addition, the Developer provides a means for I.T specialists, technology experts, and business executives to share content and connect with other business professionals around the world.


Unleash is a global tech blog website that gives in-depth news, analysis, and reviews on the latest technology, digital products, and market trends.

Unleash was founded and managed by Mac Coleman who is also the CEO of the media blog site to provide world leaders and entrepreneurs with market intelligence on the prospects of work and technology.

The unleash tech News is built as a means of strategic planning for humans and materials resources, to connect, inspire and enable leaders around the world to steer the ever-changing world of work.


The TSG is a global tech media with a special interest in the review of IT products, digital products, Microsoft, consultancy, and the latest information from the World of technology.

One of the most interesting attributes of the TSG technology blog is that it believes in the success of its customers and partners.

They achieve this by providing insightful training, nurturing collaborative partnerships, and sharing vital knowledge to enable them to see the prospect in the technology world.

PHONESREVIEW.CO.UK is a tech blog website that focuses primarily on reviewing news about all kinds of mobile phones. As the name suggests.

The website gives reports concerning the hottest phones, features, accessories, launching dates, and the latest improvements in the world of mobile phones. also reviews hardware, mobile accessories, software, games on mobile phones, gadgets, and news on mobile service providers and any mobile-related wireless industries.

The Phonesreview tech news is created specifically to report all the latest news in the field of mobile devices.

Provides equitable analyses and views on all mobile phones, phones software, gadgets, and games, and also delivers up-to-date content on all the latest advancements in the mobile industry


Ireland’s Technology Blog is a tech news website that bases its content on everything about technology, mobile devices, digital marketing accessories, TV, and internet services.

Ireland’s Technology Blog site covers technology-related news in Ireland, the UK, and some of European countries. Every breaking news on the latest technology development such as business, home, and personal technology around the world is sourced from this blog.


TechSPARK is a technology news blog that delivers knowledgeable content on all technology and digital-related products. The tech park site reviews and analyses the latest invention in the world of technology and how it has affected daily life activities.

Techspark tech blog site has the biggest technology gathering in the west with 5,500+ members.

The great membership is archived via talent programming events such as Techie Brekkies, SWFounders, BathSPARK, TechSPARK, Bristol, and amp; Bath Cyber meetups and annual SPARKIES awards.

The technology news website in addition to other various programs engages in Growth Programmes comprised of Silicon Gorge pitching events,

They also have SPARK School, Entrepreneurs Toolkit, and Investment Activator Programmes for fast-growing startups, and technology industries around the world.

TechSPARK has an incredible Advisory Board which has helped the team in taking important decisions for the success of the company.

The advisory board members are: Nick Sturge, director of the innovation hubs, Ben Trewhella, Rosie Bennett, and David Maher Roberts


The Silicon Republic is a tech blog website that reviews content on the latest scientific and technological advancements. The tech news site, Silicon republic gives breaking news on fundamental issues in STEM which are Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths.

Silicon Republic site reviews every aspect of what STEM is known for such as consumer tech, scientific research, Climate, space exploration, entrepreneurs, and all digital products.

Silicon Republic tech blog started its online publication in 2011 and since then the tech media website has recorded incredible success. Some of its successes are Europe and Ireland’s No 1 resource for scientific and technology news, numerous awards, and about a million monthly page views.


Silicon UK is the tech media website reputed as the No 1 UK traditional source of all IT-related news, and reviews of the latest technological development.

Silicon tech news also covers business technology advancement, analysis of vital features, and one on one interviews on cloud and other transformative technologies.

The silicon tech site is home to all sorts of latest technology and digital products news and the IT business revolution. Silicon UK also functions as a great resource of job offers through a strong network partnership.

Silicon activities are reported by Netmedia group which is the official media website that is in partnership with the Silicon tech blog.

The NetMedia Group is the official media partner of foremost global businesses, assisting businesses at every stage of their digital progress and international advancement.

For your research, education, and update on all technology developments and reviews in or outside the UK, these tech blogs have and will always have what you want to keep informed.

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