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36 Countries With NO Military Service In The World.



36 Countries With NO Military Service In The World.

Whilst some countries sees the military as the bedrock for security and assured safety. There are some 36 countries that have no military service or protection.

Among some of these 36 nations with no military protection, their police service plays a double role while some rely on neighbouring counties for safety.

While some nations are known for spending a fortune to protect their country’s borders by land and air, there are some who also have no military service or rely on other states like the united states, France, Spain to have their citizens protected. Research has it that those are indirectly paid for, what is the surety of these nations’ safety in the hands of people who are not indigenes.

This list consists of  36 nations with names that may shock you.

  1.  Andorra – Andorra is one of the nations without any internally formed military enforcement. It is protected by Spain and France as it is a very tiny country that lies between these two great nations between the Pyrenes mountain. It is known for its ski resort and ski haven status which stimulates duty-free shopping.
  2. Aruba  – This island is located in the mid-south of the Mediterranean sea. It is the constituent country of the Kingdom of Netherlands and hence, it is protected by the Netherlands military service.
  3. The Cayman Islands – This encompasses three different islands that are British Territory in the Western Caribbean Sea. They are protected by the British Army
  4. Cooks Island – This is an island located in the south pacific with political links with New Zealand. It has about 15 Islands that are scattered over a vast area. This Islands has no military force but a Cooks Islands Local Defence Force which pledges allegiance to the British Empire Dominion of New Zealand.
  5. Curacao – It is also protected by the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Netherlands Marine Corps.
  6. Costa Rica – This is a rainforest Central American country with coastlines on the Pacific and the Caribbean. Costal Rica is known for its beaches, volcanoes and biodiversity. A quarter of it is made up of protected jungle loaded with spiders, monkeys, quetzal birds etc. And it is protected by the Public Force of Costa Rica.
  7. Dominica – This is a mountainous islands nation with natural hot springs and a heavy rain forest. This nation has had no military standing since 1980 and its security depends on the Regional Security System.
  8. Falkland Islands – These are remote archipelagos in the southern Atlantic. These are protected by the British Armed Forces.
  9. The Faroe Islands – This is a self-governing archipelago that forms part of the Kingdom of Denmark. It is formed by 18 rocky volcanic islands between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean. As stated earlier, they are self-governing islands under the external sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark.
  10. French Polynesia – As the name already indicates, it is an overseas collectivity of France that comprises more than 100 islands in the South Pacific. And it is apparently protected by France militia.

The remaining 26 are as follows; Greenland, Grenada, Iceland, Kiribati, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, Macau,(autonomous territory of China), Marshall Islands, Mauritius, Federated States of Micronesia, Monaco, Montserrat, Nauru, New Caledonia, Niue, Palau, Panama, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Samoa, San Marino, Sint Maarten, Solomon Islands, Svalbard (unincorporated region of Norway)
Tuvalu, Vanuatu.

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