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Kanye West Worships God With Prisoners



kanye west

Kanye West visited Harris County jails with his choir and sent light, hope and encouragement to the inmates who needed it most with wonderful performance

As part of his Christainic agenda, the rapper brought his Sunday service to the inmates ahead of Sunday’s mega show at Joel Ossteen’s Church.

The security officers watch over the inmates as their raised their hands and danced along with Kanye. He performed his most recent album Jesus Is King which he released in October after numerous postponements.

According to reports, Kanye West set up the show all by himself on Wednesday and got the County Sheriff Gonzalez informed about when he visited the prison and the later twitted about it appreciating Kanye’s visit to the inmates.


The prisoners look so astound as the 42 year old rapper showed up with hundreds of his singers and musicians entourage on Friday.

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