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Volta Region Excluded From 2020 Roads Project?




Volta Region missing on the list roads to be constructed in 2020 according to the list of ‘critical roads’ released by senior minister Sarfo Marfo.

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According to him, the omission is obviously a typographical error.

Addressing the issue on Citi Breakfast show on Thursday, he said he was seemingly surprise by the omission of such an important detail.

Senior Minister Sarfo Marfo said he conferred with the sector minster who firmly agreed that there is a list of Volta Region roads.

When l also saw it , l was surprised and asked myself , how could this be because there was 15 regions instead of 16, and l ask him [ the sector minister ] and he said we have a whole list for the Volta Region.These were his words about that on Citi Fm

He mentioned the Volivo Bridge and all the road networks connecting to it, adding that it can’t be that there is no road budget for the Volta Region.


That bridge [ Volivo ] will run across the Volta River on the Eastern Corridor road.

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