Update: Hushpuppi Not Released.. But – Lawyer

Hushpuppi’s lawyer rubbishes claims that the alleged fraudster has been released from prison.

A few hours ago we published an article that gave a hint that Hushpuppi who has been arrested on the charges of fraud has been released from the Metropolitan Correctional Center Chicago,

On Wednesday, screenshots of the Bureau of Prisons website, showing his release, went viral. According to the details on the website, which were verified by this website, Abbas aka Huspuppi was released on July 20.

Gal Pissetzky said Hushpuppi was not freed from the Chicago prison but rather he’s on his way to California, United States of America, for trial.

Responding to PREMIUM TIMES’s enquiry, his legal representative, Mr Pissetzky, said the bureau’s records showed ‘released’ because of his transfer to California.

“These reports are not true. He has not been released. The Bureau of prisons website shows that he was released simply because he is being transferred now to California,” he said on Wednesday evening.

Mr Abbas’s case was transferred from Illinois to the Central District of California for prosecution, last Monday.

Mr Abbas, 37, who was resident in Dubai and known for flaunting extravagant lifestyle on social media, was arrested last month over wire fraud allegations. He was extradited to the U.S on July 3.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation had earlier alleged that Mr Abbas was part of a network that made “hundreds of millions of dollars” from business email compromise frauds and other scams.

Also, the American government said Mr Abbas funded his extravagant lifestyle with stolen money. If convicted, he could spend the next 20 years in U.S. federal prison.

Nigerian Socialite Hushpuppi Released From Prison