Nigerian Socialite Hushpuppi Released From Prison

After Hushpuppi’s extradition to the US, he was ‘jailed’ at the Metropolitan Correctional Center Chicago, a Federal Bureau of Prisons in USA.

Checks indicated that Hushpuppi was even given an inmate number which is “54313-424“. If you input the number into the website of the prison centre, all details about the Dubai ex-billionaire will pop-up.


Fast forward two weeks later, results on the official website of the Prison shows that the Instagram big boy has been released from prison.

It is not clear if he has been transferred to another prison center or released on bail.

But Information available on the U.S Federal Bureau Of Prisons website indicates Hushpuppi has been released on 20th July 2020. Meanwhile, there is no official statement about his release. This is a developing story


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