How Much Worth Are Prince Harry And Meghan Markle?

The royals of Sussex have declared their stand on the royal family stands, making them somehow independent from the royal family but how would they survive and get funds?

Despite the decision of the royal couples and the desire to be ‘financially independent’ as stated in their press release, their cut from the royal income [ Duchy of Cornwall ] allocated by Prince Charles is still intact, according to a source.

After Prince Charles paid an amount of 4.9 million Euros to Harry, William and co in 2018, Prince Harry is currently believe to have 30 million Euros worth, greater part of which came from his mother Princess Diana and The Queen Mother.

Before their marriage, Meghan’s worth was estimated around $5million, this is generated from her big acting roles in The Candidate, The Boys And Girls Guide To Getting Down.

Also, her food, fashion and travel blog that earns her 60,000 euros from sponsorship alone.

With this and other royalties that will definitely come along, the royal couples can live the intended ‘financially independent’ lifestyle that suits them.

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