Wendy Shay’s Pray For The World’ Deleted From Youtube.

Wendy Shay's Pray For The World' Deleted From Youtube

Wendy Shay’s Pray For The World deleted from Youtube over alleged copyright issues. Pray For The World crooner Wendy Shay has been crying over the hate she receive from Ghanaians after some netizens descended on her after she unfollowed everybody on Instagram. Though that wasn’t the only time the singer has went under tight stroll … Read more

Video: Shatta Wale And Wendy Shay Kissing

Shatta wale

Could it be a friends of benefit or ‘things’ are actually unfolding into reality under the watch of Ghanaians as Shatta wale and Wendy Shay shared a deep peg Shatta Wale and Rufftown Records signee, Wendy Shay has this super chemistry between them that has everyone questioning whether they are in a low key relationship … Read more

Uncle Wendy!! Fantana Rains Ins*lt On Wendy Shay Calling Her Uncle


Former Rufftown record label mates Wendy Shay and Fantana has reignited their long-lasting rivalry after the later referred to Wendy Shay as a ‘local champion’. Recently on GHone TV with Regina Vervelt, Fantana labelled her former label mate and senior as a local champion because she hasn’t won any international award. “Wendy Shay is part … Read more

Wendy Shay Angry With Google For Wrong Estimate Of $1-5m

Wendy Shay Angry With Google For Wrong Estimate Of $1-5m 3 » Tech And Scholarship Updates

Self acclaimed richest female musician in Ghana, Wendy Shay has blasted google for ‘wrong net worth’ estimate. The Rufftown signee recently set the record that one should pair her with any female artist in Ghana because she is on the level of American singer Beyonce and thus her bank account is ‘beefy’ than imagined. Well, … Read more