Wendy Shay Angry With Google For Wrong Estimate Of $1-5m

Self acclaimed richest female musician in Ghana, Wendy Shay has blasted google for ‘wrong net worth’ estimate.

The Rufftown signee recently set the record that one should pair her with any female artist in Ghana because she is on the level of American singer Beyonce and thus her bank account is ‘beefy’ than imagined.

Well, as usual, the internet doesn’t forget stuffs you put there, so with a quick feat, the singer’s net worth popped up after claiming she is worth $5m. And it’s nothing near what the Shay Gang leader claims.

However, she blasted google and whoever updated that info for insulting her personality by rating her so low.

I just found this on google …1 million- 5 million dollars net worth..that’s very very disrespectful I mean how ..I’m worth more than that ..the person who put it on the net shd delete it … she tweets