Wendy Shay’s Pray For The World’ Deleted From Youtube.

Wendy Shay’s Pray For The World deleted from Youtube over alleged copyright issues.

Pray For The World crooner Wendy Shay has been crying over the hate she receive from Ghanaians after some netizens descended on her after she unfollowed everybody on Instagram.

Though that wasn’t the only time the singer has went under tight stroll on social media, she came hard on explaining things, interestingly,  her complaints sense after a news report reaching globecalls.com indicates that some Ghanaian social media users have reportedly reported her latest hit song Pray For The World which led to the delete of the song from youtube.

According to tye singer, people like she violated the copyright laws by sampling South African hit song Jerusalema.

Lamenting development, Wendy shay took to social media to condemn those actions and promised to fight for her right.


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