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Novels: Technical Virgin Ep. 38


” Tell me about it.” He said calmly and gently loosened himself from the tight and held her hand to seat down on the wooden chair, then her mother entered inside the house and came out with a bowl of water for him.

” ese ma.” He said, stood up and collected the bowl of water from her.
“I saw them, the angels.” She began,
“They were massive in stature, beautiful and glorious in appearance. Brother Kehinde, the sight of them going to and fro in holiness is even more beautiful I can’t explain it.
I saw them, they came forth from a high and mighty throne with sealed packages and handed them to me.

” Grace! Grace! ” they said to me each as they gave me the packages. My heart was overflowing with joy unspeakable and a new song dropped on my heart which I started singing with an angelic voice. Brother Kehinde you need to hear my voice, I sang so differently and had angelic backups. I can still remember the wordings and rhythm of the song .Let me sing it for you brother Kehinde.” She said and straight away, she closed her eyes and began to sing the new song she received so melodiously that Kehinde didn’t know when tears began to drop from his eyes as he watched her sing perfectly in tune with her eyes closed.

More amazing to him was the sight of Sade singing in tongues in between the wordings of the new song. His hands instantly as goose bumps covered his hairy body.
“Brother Kehinde, you are crying?” Sade said and stopped singing when she opened her eyes and saw him in tear.
“Huh?.. No.” He said and quickly wiped off the tears in his eyes that had flowed down his cheeks.
“Sade, you have no idea how happy I am seeing you sing again. Seeing you sing before me this morning reminds me of the first time I saw you minister in songs at your parish, I felt the presence of God and so did everyone.” He said with all seriousness, then continued.

“The packages you saw them giving you and the ‘grace! grace!’ shows that God has restored back to you everything that were lost and have also given you greater grace. Can’t you see you sing even better than before?” He asked and she nodded in the affirmative.
” My dear, get a new book and write down the song; more songs are coming, just be sensitive and give attention to them once they drops in your heart or in your dreams. You can record them with your phone while trying to sing them…” He kept talking and stopped when he saw that the day has broken very well and she might need to do some chores.

“Sister Sade, we shall talk better on phone. Let me get going now.” He said and jumped to his feet. As he was about opening the door of his car, he remembered that the church mummy had mentioned that Sade was meant to go to farm with her mother, and he knew that they won’t be able to go anymore because of his prayer and discussion which ended very late. He dipped his hand into his trouser pocket and counted out some thousand naira notes, walked up to Sade’s mother and squeezed it into her hands.
“I’m sorry I interrupted your farm work today. Please manage this for me.” He said as he gave the woman the money and she leaped for joy on seeing the mint .

“Ah! ese o brother Kehinde omo mi.” She thanked him laughing and advertising her green teeth as she danced. He laughed in satisfaction, knowing that he has averted a possible quarrel between mother and daughter with just a token.
“You didn’t even tell me that brother Kehinde is a Pastor. He is so anointed..” Sade’s mother said laughing as she tied the money at one edge of her wrapper.

“Maami, brother Kehinde is not a Pastor. He is just a brother in one of our branch churches in the city.” Sade replied, dusting her body.
“Ah! He should go and become a Pastor o. His anointing has outgrown the brother level.” The woman said entering the kitchen as Sade bursted into laughter.

On his way back to the city, a particular strange number kept calling him which he suspected could be Jumoke’s. He ignored it and later set the phone on silent then continued with his journey. He arrived home very tired and famished, but had to first call Sade to inform her that he arrived home safely. He quickly rushed into the bathroom, had a quick bath and made for himself a cup of tea before resting his back for a nap.

“You must marry me, Kenny you must marry me. You can’t use me and dump me for another woman…” Jumoke fired at Kehinde in the the dream and he snapped out from his sleep to see his phone buzzing close to him. He quickly picked it up on seeing Sade as the caller forgetting his dream.
“Brother Kehinde, there’s trouble o.” She said fearfully immediately he picked up.
“Trouble? What happened?” He asked and sat up properly on the bed.
” It’s Olori o, he came around to look for me in our house and I told him I can’t continue with the relationship again and he got angry and started threatening me. He said that I can’t back out of the relationship after all that he had spent on me and my family and that he must marry me…” Sade narrated over the phone crying.

“He is not serious and he can’t do anything to you…” Angry Kehinde blurted out.
“Brother Kehinde, he is serious o, that man is diabolical and can go to any length to achieve his selfish interest..” She explained.
“Sade, I said he can’t do anything to you. Tell him to calculate all the money he spent on you and your family and we would pay him back.” He said angrily.
“No, he said he is not collecting money. That I must marry him.” Sade explained still crying.
“I don’t know how I got myself into this mess..” She began to lament over the phone.
“Stop that Sade.” He said then continued
” look, I think it’s high time you leave that village. Stop crying, let me speak with mummy first. I will get back to you shortly.” He said and ended the call, then searched for the church mummy’s phone number…

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