Rare Video Of Evangelist Moesha Buodong Preaching In An Uncompleted Building

What shall it profit a Moesha Buodong to gain the whole and lose her soul? The profit is she will leave it behind for her generations and they may never have to starve nor beg again till eternity.

And yes, Moesha has gained the world and now looking forward to gaining heaven too. Moesha became a troll and an amusement after her emergency repentance photos and videos surfaced online with sureties from her that she is no longer the one we know with the socialite lifestyle but a changed one ready to share her testimonies and win souls for Christ.

Commentaries of seeking a pastor’s hand in marriage – a reason for her switch of faith came up but triggered no reaction from her.

Fast forward to today, barely 3 months into the new faith, Moesha Buodong goes the hills like Christ to win souls as she was spotted preaching in an uncompleted building – popular call in Ghanaian jargon as a ghetto.


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