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Video Of Pastor Shaving Female Members’ Private Is A Movie




The video of a supposed Ghanaian pastor shaving the private parts of women in his church as part of a spiritual direction is not real.

The video of a Twi-speaking man acting like a pastor who was shaving the private parts of his female church members was spotted on trending on social media on Monday, October 12, 2020.

In the video, the supposed pastor who stood in front of a banner with the caption “3-Day Supernatural Cleansing” was heard informing the ladies that when it gets to their turn to approach him, they should remove their own pant.

While shaving, another man, perhaps a junior pastor, is seen with a white handkerchief collecting the pubic hair even before they fall to the ground. The pastor was so angry as he shaved the ladies, complaining that some people have been questioning and ridiculing his spiritual directions.


He said those who say he is not from God are foolish and asked: “If I am not from God, am I from your mother?” It turns out the video is part of a movie and only a part of it was put on social media, obviously, to garner attention.


Apart from the trending shaving video, the Blinks TV account also has many videos of the production house involving the same actor. In those videos, the actor also plays the role of a controversial man of God doing unexpected things as spiritual direction.

Video: Pastor Shaves Female Church Members On God’s Direction.