Novels: Rosetta Chapter III ( 3 )

It was a Tuesday afternoon, Rosetta was supposed to make hay for the horses but there was no sunshine.

The day was so cloudy and gloomy
But she knew her auntie wouldn’t understand so she prayed that it should just rain heavily.

Her auntie came back and began to scold her for not making the hay


“auntie it’s not my fault. The sun didn’t shine” she blurted out when she got tired of her auntie’s harsh words

“and what if the sun starts shining now? We won’t get any hay? Gather your Rosetta and make the hay now!” she barked

“no I’m not. I’m tired of you controlling me. Stop trying to be over me. Even Uncle Ben isn’t as strict as you are. Just let me be!” Rosetta yelled back and walked out in anger.


She went to her room, grabbed her Spanish guitar and went into the grassland.

She began to play it and her anger started wearing off.

Eugene and his 🐎 horse friend were strolling through the grassland when he heard the melody of the guitar

“who’s playing?” he asked no one in particular

He moved quietly with the horse and he peeped at whoever was playing

“the Mexican girl” he whispered

“wow” he mumbled to himself


Rosetta heard some movements and stopped playing
She looked around and Eugene quickly hid from her.

The movement stopped and she sat down on the log of wood and started playing again

Then the horse came out abruptly and both Rosetta and Eugene were startled.

Rosetta fell down and the horse bent down beside her.
She scrubbed his hair and glared at Eugene.

“I’m sorry” he said, lending her a hand

She grabbed it and he pulled her up

“why were you spying at me?” she asked him

“I wasn’t. I was just passing by when I heard you playing. I didn’t know it was you until I peeped” he replied

She took off her hat and straightened her hair.


Eugene gasped at the length and nature of the hair. Silky, smooth, dark and lustrous. And butt length

“now I feel itchy because of the grass I fell on” she said while dusting grass from her body

“I.. I’m really sorry. Let me take you home on my horse” he said and she looked up

“can you even ride a horse” she asked sarcastically

“of course I can. I learnt that about two months ago. I bet I can even ride it faster than you” he said with a smile

“seriously? I started riding a horse when I was six years old. You’re no match for me” she stated and picked up her guitar

“wow, you’re really a cowgirl. But you’re not American right?” he said as she arranged the horse’s string

She shook her head

“no. I’m Mexican. I came here about three weeks ago” she replied and wore her hat again

“wow, impressive. And your hair, I really love it” he said and she looked back at him

“you do?” she asked


“yeah, it’s really hard to see an American girl with such amazing hair. And the hair is really adding to your beauty” he remarked and she smiled brightly

Her smile made him smile too

“thanks Eugene” she said and climbed the horse

“you know my name but I don’t know yours” he said to her, looking up

“Rosetta” she replied

“Rosetta. Beautiful name” he said and climbed the horse too

She smiled because the way he pronounced her name sounded funny.

The American cowboys were pronouncing her name as ROSEDA instead of ROSETTA

She wondered why they pronounced T as D

“giddy up boy” she said and the horse immediately started galloping home.

Eugene was really tempted to touch her hair.

He loved girls that had amazing hair.

“next time, I’ll ride” he said

“no way, I’m not going to let you” she replied and they laughed

They got to the stream and got down.

Rosetta took the horse to it and allowed it to drink water.

She removed her gloves and watched her hands.

Eugene came to sit beside her and removed his boots

“aww, my feet hurts” he said stretching and wriggling his toes

She chuckled


“are the boots tight?” she asked him

“I think so” he said and placed his legs in the water

He sighed sweetly and she laughed

“I’ll take you to the cowboy market and you’ll get new boots. How’s that?” she asked

“fine by me” he replied

She began to splash water on her face and he watched her

“why are you looking at me?” she asked

“I’m not looking at you. I’m admiring your hair” he replied

“can I touch it?” he asked and reached forth his hand to touch it

She moved away immediately and splashed him water

He shouted and she laughed

“don’t touch my hair” she said and splashed him more water

She tried to stand up but he cupped enough of water in his hands and splashed it on her face

She screamed and he laughed


She entered the water and continued pouring water on him.

He entered too and the two of them began to water fight each other.

They played for thirty minutes and were exhausted.

They were totally wet and soaked up.

“I’m gonna get a cold” Eugene said as they got out of the stream

“let’s grab some coffee then” Rosetta replied

“treats on me” he said. Meaning he was going to pay.

They walked home and he went into his room to change.

Rosetta tied the horse to a pole and went to her room too.

Her auntie watched them from a window and wasn’t really happy.

She didn’t even want Eugene to come to the ranch at first but she later agreed because his stay was going to give them much money.

She frowned and moved away

Eugene got out of his room with a different outfit.

He was now wearing a white hat and a blue and white long sleeves.

His trousers were black and his boots were light brown.

He was standing beside the horse waiting for Rosetta.

Minutes later, she got out with a red short dress and a black hat.

Her boots were black too and she was with black hand gloves.

Her hair was down and she parted it into three.

Two on her shoulders and the other at her back.

Eugene smiled, took her hand

“you look spectacular mì làdy” he said with a French accent

She laughed

“come on let’s go. The coffee shop is close-by” she said and hopped on the horse

“I’ll walk then” he said and held the string of the horse.

They began to move and were talking about different things.

They talked about the animals and food until they got to the shop.

She jumped down and they tied the horse to the pillar and walked in.

The shop was filled with cowboys and cowgirls doing different things.

Some were drinking
Some laughing
Some arguing

And some playing games.


The coffee shop was also filled with smoke from pipes and smokers

“I think I’m gonna puke. This place smells awful.” Eugene said with a look of disgust on his face

“this place is far better than the bar where I came from. This place is even crowded with only young people, that place is all old grumpy fellas that look scary and with groggy voices” she said and he chuckled

“if you’re really irritated, why don’t you stay outside while I make the order over there” she said, pointing to a counter..

He nodded and went out.

He passed by a group of boys and one of them looked at him fiercely.

Eugene got outside and breathed in, feeling greatly relieved

He placed his hands akimbo and looked around

“howdy partner” a stern voice said behind him

He looked back

“howdy” he said to the boys.

They began to laugh

He became confused

The one in the front was actually the guy that was looking at him from the bar

He walked up to him, smoking

“I see you’re fitting in quite okay” he said and breathed out smoke into Eugene’s face

He coughed and moved back a bit and the boys laughed

“what’s going on between you and my Mexican beauty” he asked Eugene

“your Mexican beauty?” Eugene replied

“look rich boy, let me give you a piece of advice. This ain’t your beautiful mansion in Dallas where you get whatever you want. Here, we have people in authority and you ain’t careful, you become a bag of sh#t.” he said and brought out a firearm

Eugene gasped

“stay away from Rosetta. Don’t get any ideas” he said and moved back.

Eugene was surprised

The cowboy turned and began to move but stopped

“you know what, let’s race tomorrow at noon at the racing field. You win, you become the king of the boys. I win, I have Rosetta and your horse” he said and smirked.

He then moved away

“wow, that was scary” he mumbled and sat close to his horse

“I always knew coming here was a st#pid idea.” he said to the horse

“why?” Rosetta answered

She was back with two cups of steaming hot coffee

She handed one to him

“why do you suddenly look grumpy?” she asked him after sitting beside him

“well some guys actually threatened me with a firearm” he replied

“what?” she blurted out looking at him

“they said I should stay away from you and that I should race with them tomorrow afternoon. If I win, I become the king of the boys and if he wins, he gets Rosetta and my horse” Eugene said sarcastically

“seriously? Why do they have to bring me into this.” she said

“and why did I come here in the first place” Eugene said

“and how I’m I going to race tomorrow. I’m sure he’ll win” he added

“oh my God. We can’t let that happen. Or else everyone will nickname me his queen. I hate that boy” she said and dropped her coffee

“do you even know him? I mean, the boy” Eugene asked

Rosetta stood up

“yeah, it’s only Brandon that behaves that way. I already know him with my few weeks here and I hate him” she said

“so what are we gonna do now?” Eugene asked standing up too

“I’ll race for you”



“I’ll race for you. It’s not compulsory you race” she said

“but what would they tag me as, a scardy bones?” he asked sarcastically

She immediately kicked him in between his legs again and he shout painfully and fell down

“now, you can’t ride a horse” she said and carried his hat that fell on the floor

“you just killed me” Eugene mumbled and she chuckled

“sorry” she said

She collected money from him and paid the check then they went home together but very slowly because he couldn’t walk properly.

She held his hand as they got to the house because he said he couldn’t move farther than they were.

She pulled him and took him to his door.

It was already sunset and she bade him good night and left.

Her auntie saw them when they were returning and knew something fishy was going on

To be continued


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