New Chrome Browser Update: More Secured Browsing.

The new google chrome browser update is here and if you recently updated your chrome browser, you must have come some new features or let me tweaks made to the security of the browser when configuring it.

Even before this update, the chrome browser has more features when it comes to security and fastness hence its popularity among the tons of browsers available. They are keen on the security of their users. As if that is not enough, Chrome browser has now given the mandate to its users to choose the level of security they’ll love to browse in hence adding one more security layer.

Upon updating the browser last week on my laptop and phone, I was asked to configure what they term ‘Chrome Strongest security. This according to the website, enhances protection against phishing and malware which is the feature embedded in the enhanced protection layer of the browser.


Now before you get an update to this level after updating your browser, you will see the notification to the ‘Chrome’s Strongest Securoty’ displayed on the screen. Click continue, and move from standard protection to the topmost which is Enhanced Protection.

Now, what this new feature posse is the ability to predict and warn you of dangerous sites or events before they happen, and that is extended to all google apps that you will sign in with on the browser.

It also alerts you if your passwords are/are exposed in a data breach.
Last but not least, any URL you type into Chrome Browser now is sent to a safe browser to check its authenticity. It also sends a small sample of pages downloads, extension activity, and system information to help discover new threats.

Temporary, it links this data to your Google Account when you are signed in, to protect you across all Google apps. This is the new Chrome Browser update. Check the screenshot displays below: Follow our pages on Facebook and Instagram

New Chrome Browser Update: Secured Browsing.
New Chrome Browser Update: Secured Browsing.