Mrs. Badu Nkansah Reveals Why They Published Anti-Ewe Books

The family of Badu Nkansah, who is the author of the anti-ewe books has opened up in an interview with Kofi TV on why they released the Anti-ewe books.

According to Regina Badu Nkansah, the wife of the late Badu Nkansah, the death of her husband has sunk the company into turmoil just after two years of his departure.

For the past week, the people of Volta have had a course to complain because the book has spoken ill of them and whatever they represent.

However, speaking on Kofi TV, Regina Badu Nkansah revealed that the organization stands for national unity thereby apologizing for the blunder cussed by the writer they employed to write the history books which has not been approved.

On how the book went into circulation, Regina Badu Nkansah indicated that after the death of her husband, other publishers were complaining about why they are no longer producing books, and for that reason, they decided to push some of the unapproved books to some schools to prove that they are still in business.

“Because we were not having money and other publishers were complaining that we no longer produce books, we had to push some into the system and the schools,” she told Kofi TV while apologizing to the people of Ghana and Volta.

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