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Kidi Reveals Why He Kept His Son From The Media For 3 Years.

Lynx Entertainment singer Kidi reveals why he kept his 3 years old baby from the media and Ghanaians.

According to Kidi, Ghanaians and Africans as a whole are very judgemental and he was so scared about how people are going to take the news.

He believes Ghanaians were going to be on his nerves condemning him about being a father at that young age.

” I know it plays out in African communities , people will say ; you are not grown, you are a baby , why do you give birth to another baby , so l decided to wait until am ready. And it is all about me, but the bay too, he didn’t chose this, so l don’t want him to be in the media where people will be probing into his life. “

He however pleaded with Ghanaians not to make his baby a social media icon yet.

He also revealed that , he and the baby mama are not together but they work together in taking care of the baby.


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