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Life With 12 Fingers 20 Toes




An old lady born with abnormality that gives her 12 fingers and 20 toes narrate her ordeals and her neighbours branded her as a witch.

Kumar Nayak has been living with the defect for the past 63 years and no one was able to come to her aid.

She revealed that family and friends living with her in same Indian State of Odisha in a suburb called Ganjam either keep distance with her or rain insults on her due to her condition.

I was born like this and l couldn’t afford treatment because l was born in a poor family

she said.

I have been in this condition for 63 years and the neighbours believed am a witch so they keep away from me. More visitors come and see my conditions as am forced to stay indoors.

But one of her neighbour revealed; I know what she is going through is a medical problem and what other people think of her is not true.

I feel bad for her because she cannot treat herself


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Source: metrouk