Pope Francis Reportedly Sick Of Coronavirus.

The Pope of Rome has been reported ill after praying for some corona virus patients with no mask.

Pope Francis has reportedly taken ill and cancelled an event at Rome basilica just a day after he prayed for corona virus sufferers in Italy.

According to the UK Mirror, the pontiff prayed for corona virus sufferers on Ash Wednesday, while mask free, and even took time to shake hands and kiss worshippers, including a child, in St Peter’s Square at the Vatican.

The publication also added the pope appeared to have a cold and spoke with a slightly hoarse voice at his general audience on Wednesday and coughed during an afternoon Ash Wednesday service in a Rome church.

During the mass, the Pope show love to the patients in spite of the alarming outbreak in the country.

I wish to express my closeness to the patients suffering the virus and the doctors taking care of them – The Pope said.


After showing early signs of the sickness, the Vatican reported that the Pope is carrying out the remaining schedule in his residence.

‘… Due to a slight indisposition , the Pope will like to remain Santa Marta – the guess house where the Pope lives.

All other schedules will proceed regularly, spokesman Matteo Bruni disclosed.