Saturday, March 25, 2023
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How Old Is Sarkodie? Trending Question.

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It’s very interesting when you ask a Ghanaian celebrity his/her age. They go by giving all possible excuses why they can’t open up on their real age. Same is Sarkodie.

It’s been a point to argue when it comes to the fans trying to know the age of their favorites musicians. With a lot of different information on this same topic on the internet, one can say these celebs don’t give the right details about themselves out into the public domain.

OK so let’s head straight to the main issue about the real age of Sarkodie. According to Sarkodie’s last post about his birthday, he posted it on 10 July wishing himself ‘ a happy birthday’. Well, the day is true on the basis that he can’t possibly f00led millions of fans just to hide his age. But that doesn’t give us his age.

Unfortunately, he has never opened up on his age before but some sources have 1985 as his birth year. Going by this as a raw data, we can say Sarkodie is 34 but again untrusted, so you can just say he is in his mid 30s. That’s all.


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