Best Ways To Make Money Off Your Content Beyond YouTube.

Make Money Off Your Content Beyond YouTube. with Bandcamp, instruction website launch and sign-ups and many more as a creative.

In this article, I will tell you about how to make money off your content beyond youtube if you are one of those who can beat the youtube maze to monetization also stricken by the COVID-19 new normal.

One of the best sites to have an authoritative, socially distant content creation career [ comedy, music, education etc ] is Youtube, lucky enough it doesn’t require your physical presence [ COVID-19 protocol ]

To make money off your content beyond YouTube is a major headache since the strike of the viral disease almost 2 years now, this is due to how many creatives depend only on gigs by paddling shows and AdSense.

It came and forced everybody to think outside the box. Though most creatives are not used to the indoor way of making money, that has been the norm and it has to be obeyed.

Many of these people started exploring other platforms with much seriousness just as they do on Youtube before the pandemic.

Some find ways of keeping their viewers closer by getting interactive and posting paid tutorials at the request of their viewers. A typical example is Houseofjaz, this channel adapted very fast at the beginning of the pandemic and is making a much higher income by posting piano tutorials required by its viewers 

In the description of every video, Houseofjas clearly defines the rules for posting exclusive content. There is a donation fee of at least $20 for tutorials requests, and for those who chose chord sheets, there is a donation of at least $3.

Of course, that is this channel’s pricing system, but you can set your own rate considering the type of followers you have, your expertise, their demand and your time spent.

A lot of budding talents wants to learn how to learn guitar, if you are a star who already have the followership and play that guitar you can get interactive with them, teach them and charge them. Some want to learn singing techniques like how to select a hook to a song, how to write catchy content etc. Use your already famous channel for more money aside from Adsense money.

Now, let us take Youtube out and find ways to recoup the gigs that are blocked due to COVID-19 protocols.

How To Make Money Off Your Content Beyond YouTube.

To make money off your content beyond youtube is the commonest thing that a lot of creators overlooked due to the little gains that may be coming from some of them. But if you have the right team and experts around you, that is so easy to do. You can:

  • Launch a music instruction website: Perhaps you can’t be a musician and be blogging at the same time. Yes, but you can employ a dedicated team on it [ good writer, SEO expert, promoter with promotion plan ] and give them topics like How To Keep Your Soft During Performace, How To Overcome Stage Fright… through your personal experience. You will definitely make an impact as well as some cool cash.


  • ¬†Generating Course Sign-Ups: In Ghana, some creatives have annual free courses for their fans, one name among them is dancehall singer Stonebwoy. His free course is about vocational and petty businesses that his fans can operate personally with the smallest financial support. What about linking up with educational firms and experts who will educate his fans and interested persons thoroughly on these courses at a fee?


  • Selling Your Music On Bandcamp – On iTunes and amazon, most creatives are aware of, so let’s relegate the talk to Bandcamp.BandCamp is an online platform where artists can create their own online store to promote and sell their music, as well as merchandise. Artists can sell digital downloads, physical copies such as vinyls and cassette tapes, and merchandise. This platform makes it easier for fans to freely donate money to their artists. It connects the artists and the fans more than any other platform. Read more here


  • There are also virtual concerts on Zoom, google hangouts, hosting private lessons and many other ways to make money off your content beyond Youtube as a creative. And also with Twitter and Facebook monetisation being enrolled, there are 1000 and 1 ways to make a living off your craft outside of Youtube

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