After The Death Of Queen Elizabeth II Of England.

Queen Elizabeth ll of England whose real name is Elizabeth Alexander Mary Winsdor, born on April 21st, 1926, has passed on peacefully after 7 decades of rulership over 15 Prime Ministers. But what happens after her death?

The world wants to know what happens after the death of Queen Elizabeth ll. Well, apparently, everything including business and work will be on hold in reverence to the late Queen but that is not all. Per the files handed on from generations on how the transition is done anytime a leader from the Monarch family dies, this is just the beginning of a lot.

What happens after the Queen’s death is a plan named ‘Operation London Bridge’. This entails the enstoolment of a new ruler, burial of the Queen, reprinting of new currency with the face of the new ruler, and many more in this article.

History Of How The Late Queen Elizabeth Ruled?

The late Queen Elizabeth ll has been on the seat since 1952 after the reign of King George VI.  She is the longest-serving ruler of the Monarch family ever to seat on the throne with her rulership spanning over 70 years.

The Queen’s reign is marked with some notable ceremonies and occasions that will remain far after her death. Below are just 15 of those key moments during the reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

  • June 2nd, 1953 – Queen Elizabeth II Coronation
  • 1965 – First State Visit To West Germany
  • 1966 – Mining Disaster In Wales, an avalanche of mud killed more than 140 schoolkids
  • 1970 – First Monarch Walkabout
  • 1977 – Silver Jubilee
  • 1981 – Prince Charles’s Wedding To Lady Diana Spencer
  • 1986 – A visit to China
  • 1992 – The ‘Horrible Year’ – Prince Charles and Diana’s divorce, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s divorce.
  • 1997 – Princess Diana’s Death and Response
  • 2022 – Golden Jubilee
  • 2011 – Visit To The Republic Of Ireland
  • 2013 – Birth Of Prince George
  • 2018 – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Wedding
  • 2021 – Prince Philip – Queen’s Husband’s Death
  • February 2022 – Platinum Jubilee

The Queen is the cornerstone of the Commonwealth, as the head of the Commonwealth and patron to over 600 organizations and charities. She also played the biggest role in UK’s alliance with countries across the world. Hence, her demise will shake the UK and potentially the world as a lot of changes have to be done.

As Soon As Queen Elizabeth II Died.

At the declaration of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her private secretary, Right Honourable Edward Young sent a private message to the acting Prime Minister, the message read ‘London Bridge Is Down’. The Prime Minister then set Operation London Bridge into action. The 15 states plus the 36 Commonwealth states are informed over a secure line.

The Buckingham Palace gate will be dorn black, and BBC media and other media outlets around the world will receive a flash notice, indicating a huge international catastrophe. All media reports will be paused to report and telecast the proceedings in all black attires that are always ready in the media offices. And BBC’s red branding will turn black alongside all other state firms that are run by the UK government.

At the time all these are going on, the eldest son of the Queen, Prince Charles is being made King. The stock exchange, businesses, and shops in the Uk will stop operation in honor of the late Queen at least for a day.

The day after the Queen’s death, King Charles makes his first speech as a King. There will be a 41-gun salute in allegiance by the government at Hyde Park. And then the King kicks off his duties with a tour.

During the King’s tours, media outlets in the UK will continuously air the many documentaries made in the honor of the Queen, hence refraining from all comedy shows as a sign of respect until after the final laying of the Queen’s remains.

Four days after the Queen’s death, her body will be laid in state at Buckingham palace for four days during which the King, family, and other dignitaries will pay their final respect. After which the civilians will have the last chance to see the Queen’s coffin.

The Queen’s funeral will last for 10 to 12 days. However, one thing that is certain is the day of the funeral will be an official bank holiday for the whole of the United Kingdom. The stock exchange, businesses, and shops will close for the second time. On that day, the bells of Big Ben will chime and the whole country will fall silent at exactly 11: AM sharp and the coffin will be sent to Westminster Abbey where 2,000 invited guests will pray their final prayer for the Queen.

Then the coffin will be sent to Windsor Castle and finally to St.George’s Chapel where Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest next to her father King George VI.

After The Queen’s Funeral.

Within a year after the Queen’s funeral, there will be a coronation for King Charles on another bank holiday in the UK. The funeral, closure of the stock exchange, and business will cost the UK more than a billion pounds, coupled with swift changes and new orders in the following months.

As said at the beginning of this article, new British currency with King Charles’ portrait will be printed and gradually, that of the late Queen Elizabeth will be removed from the system. The same change will take place on stamps, passports, police and military uniforms and the UK’s national anthem will be changed from God Save The Queen to God Save The King.

And to mention how the Commonwealth nations could react to the new King can alter the UK’s royal family and the monarchy rule forever. For example, Australia is pushing to become a republic from the UK, if this happens, other nations will follow suit and gradually weakens the British monarchy.

This is what happens after Queen Elizabeth II died. It is the end of an era.