Blakk Rasta Expresses Joy Over Low Turn Up Of Celebs At #fixthecountry Demo. This Is Why

Blakk Rasta nee Abubakar Ahmed has expressed his joy of low turN up of Ghanaian celebrities at the 4th August #fixthecountry protest.

The radio host and one of the #fixthecountry activists sat on citiTV and made it clear how Ghanaian celebrates only make noise about stuff and never follow up to see it a success, and that was the same character trait exhibited towards the #fixthecountry movement.

He compared the Ghanaian so-called celebs to Andrew Liver Salt. The reactions that take place when you pour a sachet of its content into the water – it rises and falls down under a minute.

He also expressed shock at how a lot of people gravitated towards him when showed up at that #fixthecountry demo on the 4th of August.

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If well remembered, a lot of celebs were in support of the #fixthecountry demo until it reached the date of the protest. Notable names like Halifax, A Plus, Efia Odo etc couldn’t show up after showing, massive support for the movement.


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