Young Man Caught ‘Master Bating’ In A Broad Day At A Road Side.

A lot of guys are on heat on the street but the budget and bills that come with ‘owning’ a lover have pushed many into doing it all by themselves even in the broad daylight.

A video spotted by shows a young man busily messaging his ‘man’ at a roadside and he did in master’s style ( soft but aggressively ) hence my caption MASTER BATING.

Caught in the act, the young man who looks really heated up for game has no choice but to put everything on display during the act thereby getting the witness much shocked beyond imagination. Perhaps she believes it is only done indoors.

Well, as a writer and a guy, I give only 50% of the blame to this young man which is for doing it by the roadside, because l know how expensive it is in Ghana to have a female partner as many of the ladies have taken it as a jackpot to have a boy lover. Sorry for him though.


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