Yemi Alade Pulls Angelique Kidjo On A Masterpiece

Yemi Alade has released a song with Angelique Kidjo

Nigerian songstress Yemi Alade has managed to pull the Benin multiple Grammy winner Angelique Kidjo on a typical African collabo titled Shekere and its making waves.

Could this be one reason why Nigerian is becoming a force to reckon with when it comes to African music being patronize in Europe?

Yemi didn’t have to ponder too much about how much the collaboration with Kidjo¬† could cost her but the outcome and the prestige it will bring onto her label and brand as an artist.

    Yemi alade and Angelique Kidjo

The song has a verse of Angelique Kidjo’s Wombo Lombo repeated in it, giving the song the typical African taste that is needed perhaps to put Yemi on that level of African music defender she has always been.

The song streamed pass a million in less than 24hours on Apple music and YouTube combined.

After it, listen to Wombo Lombo from the Lioness who shook away the ‘deserved’ Burna Boy’s Grammy just few weeks ago.

Angelique Kidjo must be the hottest artist on the African continent every musician would love to jump on a track with right now, but it takes only to few to master there act which Nigeria is already doing.

Don’t forget Burna Boy who was also a Grammy nominee has a collaboration with Koffee , the youngest Jamaican Grammy winner, coming soon.