Woman Runs Mad Minutes After Taking To A Mad Woman

Tales of wonders could be the title of this story as a sane woman runs completely mad just minutes after exchanging words with an already mad woman who is believed to be an old friend

It is reported that these madwomen were speaking a language redolent of the Ewe language.

Otec News reporter, Akwasi Acheampong aka Kanewu, who happened to be present at the scene recounted how it all went down.

Kanewu explained that the residents of the Bantama and North Suntreso neighborhoods were familiar with the madwoman who had been mad for quite some time now.

He claimed that this new woman who happened to have lost her sanity upon seeing the madwoman was nicely dressed with a face shield.

The news reporter was stunned and saddened by the fact that a completely sane woman would be met with such an unfortunate circumstance.

From the footage, the just insane woman is seen trooping aimlessly up and down as the other madwoman was nowhere near the scene.

Kanewu disclosed that the originally mad woman took some of her stuff and fled the scene right after the other woman also went nuts.

Upon returning, the just madwoman prevented her from taking her purse as they struggled over it.


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