Video: Na God Go Punish You, Id!ot – Nigeria Reacts To Akuapem Poloo’s Photo.

The viral photo of actress Akuapem Poloo in an unclad post with her 7 years old son has triggered a fierce reaction from Nigeria.

Celebrating the birthday of her son yesterday, Akuapem Poloo posted on all her social media handles a half n a ked photo of her son and wholly n a ked one of herself.

The photo went fast viral with frowns from every single eye that saw the photo. Same was in sister country Nigeria. Many labeled her olosho

However, comments from Nigerian comedian and actor Gbadamasi Agbonjor Jonathan aka Edo Pikin hits harder.

He called out feminists who only speak when a girl child or  a woman is abused as they kept mute on this. Further raining curses on Akuapem Poloo. Watch the video below.

CID Chases Akuapem Poloo For Posting Unclad With Her Son.