+video: Kumchacha’s Take On Anal S3x And Licking

The Major Prophet Kumchacha, founder of Heaven Blessing Ministry International has officially unleashed his thoughts and takes on anal s3x and licking of private parts of women.

The controversial prophet on Awake TV’s Pillow Talk discussing Anal Sex with Sweet Sherry frowns on the belief that the act gives women quick and lasting orgasms than the normal way of having s3x.

He stated the reasons being that the anus is not safe for the act and it can hurt so bad, causing sicknesses and could lead to death, and also as a Christian, the Bible frowns on the act.

Interestingly, the Man Of God approves the act of licking the vayjay on the basis that the man’s manhood is no more hitting that hard to make the woman feel good in bed.



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