Top List Of Best Movies On Starz 2022

This list of best movies on Starz features all genres of movies. From adventure, comedy, sci-fi, romance and more. Starz and Lions-gate streaming services are more geared toward movies than shows and currently run over 7,500 movies and TV shows.

Using the Starz website or the app can enjoy as many movies on the road on several devices with just a single subscription. Learn how to activate Starz on all devices including Hulu. 

The list below is the most trending and most-streamed movies on Starz you can enjoy after your subscription. We will give you just up to 10 of them.

Best Movies On Starz

1. It’s Hard But It’s Fair / Jookin

Top List Of Best Movies On Starz

This is a movie about how two sisters [Charlene and Gwen ] moved to Memphis due to situations beyond their control and one of them [ Charlene’s son ] Quincy quickly gets acquainted and became friends with the neighbourhood hustlers who gradually led him to fall in love with the city thug life.

He never let shortcomings at home hinder him from finding joy and the focus on making something with his life. He fell deeply in love with other hustlers and the gritty lifestyle.

Genre Drama
Original Language English
Director Howard Bell IV
Producer Sharita Bell
Runtime 1hr 50 mins


2. Death Of A Telemarketer

Best Movies On Starz

The desperation to make the biggest cut of a sale to beat a new employee lands an ace telemarketer in a trap where he has to pass the ‘maze’ test on ethics by the man he was trying to swindle to maintain his job and probably make another sake in the future.

Due to the short time frame to land the deal, he has to wait in the office and watch every other employee leave, and find the Do Not Call List, which he thinks is the perfect mark. Eventually, lights went out and the dream deal became a dreaded one.

Rating Violence And Sexual Preference
Genre Mystery & Thriller, Comedy, Drama
Original Language English
Director Khaled Ridgeway
Producer Megan Good, Datari Turner, James J. Yi
Runtime 1 hr 28 min


3. Ghostbusters: Afterlife

List Of Best Movies On Starz

Ghostbusters: Afterlife tells a story of a single mom struggling to survive in Chicago with her two kids aged 12 and 15. When she received the news of the passing of her estranged fathers, she and the kids pack up and moved to the almost rotten ‘inherited’ property in a small town.

After settling, they discovered that they have ties with the original ghostbuster that saved their city 35 years ago. A legacy their father left behind.

Original Language  English Language [ Canada ]
Rating PG-13 [ Supernatural Action ]
Genre Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure
Director Jason Reitman
Producer Ivan Reitman
Runtime 2hrs 4mins.


4. The Laureate

List Of Best Movies On Starz

This movie tells a story of a young British war poet who was married with 4 kids when he met another lady whom he fell in love and became romantically involved with. Defying the rules of polite society, the newly found love moved in to live with the young poet and his wife, living as a menage a trois.

Then comes in a more handsome young Irish poet, living under the roof of the young war poet, the family became a menage a quatre. Rivalry sparked tensions the young British war poet became a suspect of murder.

This made my personal list of the best movies on Starz 2022. You must watch it.

Genre Romance / Drama
Rating R | Language [ Nudity ]
Original Language English Language [ United Kingdom ]
Director William Nunez
Producer Guy De Beaujeu, William Nunez, Christian Parton
Runtime 1hr 42 mins


5. Heart Of Champions

Best Movies On Starz

This is a sports movie in which a college rowing team descend into infighting and turmoil after finishing last in the national championship. They were looking for that one person to blame for their abysmal performances.

A new coach arrives at the beginning of a new, this coach is a veteran military officer. With his tactics, experience and unconventional methods, they overcame petty rivals, and there was a change in the status quo. However, the challenge lies in inspiring the young men to be a team, as that is the only way they can win the championship.

Genre Drama
Rating PG-13 | Suggestive Material, Partial Nudity
Original Language English
Director Michael Mailer
Producer Robert Ogden Barnum, Frank Buchs, Daniel Davila, Lucas Jarach, Michael Shannon, Byron Wetzel, Vojin Gjaja
Runtime 2h 0mins


6. Collection

Top List Of Best Movies On Starz 2022

This movie tells a story of a man who works as a debt collector. He knew how manipulative, unforgiving and mobbing the job demands of every worker. He struggle with his choices when his newfound love became the next target of his firm.

He will have to decide between love and career. One must stay, one must go. And oh, this task will be his biggest hit if he manages his way through successfully.

Genre Crime, Thriller
Original Language English Language [ America ]
Director Marianna Palka
Rating PG-13 | Strong Language
Runtime 1hr 27 mins
Producer Todd Friedman, Warner Davis


7. Assassins

Top List Of Best Movies On Starz

This movie/documentary speaks more about real-life happening and leaves a big question about the North Korean Dynasty. In the movie, the gruesome murder of the brother of North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jon Um sparked a worldwide frenzy.

At the centre of the assassination are two who are either cold-blooded killers or unwitting pawns in a political assassination. Assassin the movie goes beyond the title to question angles of human trafficking, geopolitical espionage and the secretive dynamics of the North Korean Dynasty.

Genre Documentary / Biography
Original Language Vietnamese
Rating PG-13
Director Ryan White
Producer Jessica Hargrave, Ryan White
Runtime 1hr 44mins


8. Candy

Top List Of Best Movies On Starz 2022

This movie shows how a poet falls in love with an art student, who gravitates to his bohemian lifestyle — and his love of heroin. Hooked as much on one another as they are on the drug, their relationship alternates between states of oblivion, self-destruction, and despair.

Genre Drama
Original Language Language
Rating R [ Harsh Language, Inappropriate images, Depiction of Drug addiction, Nudity content ]
Director Neil Armfield
Producer Neil Armfield, Luke Davies
Runtime 1hr 48mins


9. Tremor

Top List Of Best Movies On Starz 2022

Repairmen Val McKee (Kevin Bacon) and Earl Bassett (Fred Ward) are tired of their dull lives in the small desert town of Perfection, Nev. But just as the two try to skip town, they happen upon a series of mysterious deaths and a concerned seismologist (Finn Carter) studying unnatural readings below the ground.

With the help of an eccentric couple (Reba McEntire, and Michael Gross), the group fights for survival against giant, worm-like monsters hungry for human flesh.

Genre Horror
Original Language English Language
Director Ron underwood
Rating PG – 13
Producer Brent Maddock, S.S William
Runtime 1hr 36mins


10. The Devil Wears Prada

Top List Of Best Movies On Starz 2022

A young graduate aspiring to be a journalist moved to New York to work. She lands a job at a prestigious runaway magazine – in the fashion industry. The super demanding and cruel boss under whom she finds herself won’t let her succeed at anything if she doesn’t fit their classy elegant looking magazine.

Rating PG -13
Original Language English
Runtime 1hr 49 mins
Genre Comedy, Drama
Producer Wendy Finerman
Director David Frankel


11. Pan’s Lanbrith

A little girl and her heavily pregnant mother moved in with her stepfather, a soldier who became very hostile to the 10 years old. The always lonely little girl decided to explore a decaying labyrinth guarded by a faun who claims to know her destiny and she can only achieve reach her destiny if she performs 3 tasks that will make her immortal.

This year, this is one of my personal best movies on Starz streaming service. The suspense and the anxiety made the movie a must-watch.

Genre Fantasy, War, Drama
Rating R [ Graphic Violence ]
Original Language Spanish [ Spain ]
Producer Alfonso Cuarón, Bertha Navarro, Guillermo del Toro, Frida Torresblanco
Director Guillermo Del Toro
Runtime 2hrs 0 mins
Writer Guillermo Del Toro


12. Elysium

Top List Of Best Movies On Starz 2022

This made my list of the movies on Starz 2022 because of the issues addressed in the movie and how it ended. The movie Elysium addresses an issue of inequality where in the year 2154, humanity split into two. Those who live good on a planet called Elysium and the rest in a miserable state on earth.

Then comes a man who put his life on the line to bring equality but he faced a helly resistance from a woman who vowed to protect the lavish and pampered lives of the people of Elysium.

Rating R [ Strong and bloody violence / Language throughout ]
Genre Action, Sci-Fi, Drama
Original Language English Language
Director Neill Blomkamp
Producer Bill Block, Neill Blomkamp, Simon Kinberg
Writer Neill Blomkamp
Runtime 1hr 49 mins


13. The Darjeeling Limited

Top List Of Best Movies On Starz 2022

Three brothers who went loggerheads for a year after their father’s death decided to undertake an emotional journey, Everyone has his problems but they gradually fall into their old childhood patterns of behaviour as they journey on. The journey was destined to the Himalayan covet, where their mother lives.

Rating R [ Language ]
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Drama
Original Language English
Director Wes Anderson
Producer Scott Rudin, Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola
Writer Wes Anderson, Jason Schwartzman, Roman Coppola
Runtime 1hr 31 mins


14. American Hustle

Top List Of Best Movies On Starz 2022

The American Hustle is based on the 1970s Abscam case where two con artists were used by an FBI who granted an amnesty in an underground operation to bring down prominent and corrupt leaders in the society.

Rating R [ Pervasive Language, Violence, Sexual Content
Genre Crime, Drama
Original Language English
Producer Charles Roven, Richard Suckle, Megan Ellison, Jonathan Gordon
Writer Eric Warren Singer, David O. Russell
Runtime 2h 18mins
Director David O. Russell


15. The Abyss

Top List Of Best Movies On Starz 2022

A divorced petroleum engineer couple who still have unresolved issues unite on a mission to assist a navy seal with a top-level recovery operation after a nuclear submarine has been abused and sunk under mysterious circumstances in some of the deepest waters.

Abyss is one of the most terrifying and catastrophic movies of all time off the sleeves of filmmaker James Cameron – the man who made Titanic, Avatar, The Terminator etc.

Rating PG-13
Genre Adventure, Sci-Fi
Original Language English Language
Director James Cameron
Producer Gale Anne Hurd
Writer James Cameron
Runtime 2h 19mins


The list of movies trending on your favourite streaming platform – Starz, is huge. We presented you with the best movies on Starz per stats on the movie rating channels such as rottentomatoes and others. All the above-listed movies are streaming on

If you don’t know how to activate Starz on your devices [Apple TV, Xbox, Firestick, etc ] including Hulu, we got you covered with the well explained articles on those.