Thursday, March 23, 2023
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The Bible Is A Blackman’s History – Pastor Reveals

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An African-American pastor has revealed that the bible story is made up of black characters and not whites as we know.

A new book compiled by one Theron Williams titled The Bible Is Black History  is addressing the ages question of whether the black descent were present in the bible. On scientific proofs, DNA evidence and researches over decades, he compiled the book.


According to the writer, the first man on earth  – Adam, is a black man from East Africa. And the blacks were only descent alongside the Israelites in biblical story. Thus the traditional illustration of biblical characters is wrong.

He was pushed to find answers to these ages questions because the new generation of youngsters want answers to these questions before accepting Jesus Christ. And most are defecting if they don’t have enough convincing from these questions – he says.


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