Video: KSM Reveals Why He Has A Problem With The Bible

Kwaku Sintim-Misa aka “KSM” says the Holy Bible is full of contradictions. A reason why he finds it very hard to believe that the bible is a word of God.

Ghanaian actor, director, satirist, talk show host, and author – Kwaku Sintim-Misa aka “KSM” in an interview with Nkonkonsa stated that the Bible used by Christians is full of contradictions.

He seemed confused about how the bible says one thing in a particular chapter and the same thing is refuted in another chapter. An example by him is God being all-knowing and all-powerful but in the bible would put Abraham to a loyalty test.


In his own words, KSM said:

”I have a problem with the bible in terms of there are too many contradictions. Let me give you a quick example. The bible itself says God is all-knowing. Before tomorrow, God already knows what I, KSM, will do.

So, if you say you have this all-knowing God, all-powerful God and then somewhere in the bible tells you that God had to go and test Abraham to see whether he was loyal, are you not contradicting yourself? God should have known that Abraham will not kill the boy. You’re God. You’re almighty; you know everything. But if you tell me God tested him (Abraham), I have a problem with it. These are some of the contradictions.

”Those who wrote the bible wrote it from the point of view that we’re humans and so let us attribute the same human qualities to God. So, God gets angry. In the bible, you’ll find God angry. He said I have regretted that I made Saul King. God is not human. God doesn’t have the attributes of a human being to be angry.”

Watch the video of the full interview:

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