Nana Tornado Dumps Bibles In Latrine. This is His Reason

Actor and comedian Nana Tornado has made a revelation about the Bible and Quran that got social media raging.

The actor took to his Instagram page few days ago to post a photo of a Bible and Quran in WC Toilet as he revealed that their role is outdated.

According to Nana, the bible and the and the Quran were used by colonial rulers ( Slav age) as a manual or guide for their slaves.


The interesting part is, he took time to reply every single person who condemned his post in the comment section. Trying to defend his believe that the Bible and the Quran are slave manuals. Check some interesting comments below:


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  1. Hmm a lot too say by way we all know that God chose pupil to write the Bible but Jesus did something in the Bible,that I always think of it.when he meet the man with demons,the demons said something ooh pls let read the Bible careful

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