Sweet German-Ghanaian Gay Marriage Causes Stir

Gay marriage between a German and a Ghanaian in Germany has caused stirs among Ghanaians.

Ghana is one of the few countries in the world still finding it difficult to accept same-sex marriage ( gay marriage and lesbianism) law.

The fight against it has been a long-standing one with each passing president never ready to accept the call from the people pursuing the course despite the ever-rising pressure.

Whereas in Germany where the law allows and protects these people, it is a pleasure to watch couples ( same-sex ) going down the aisle and exchanging vows.

Latest in the news is a Ghanaian man who got married to his German partner in a glamorous wedding attended by more queer people. Words of congratulations poured on the couples.

Videos from the scene went haywire all and got Ghanaians talking more die to the fact that the man ( woman ) is a Ghanaian.

With the recent chase and hunt on the queer people in Ghana, many believe he can only stay in Germany with his lover. The reason being that Ghana will be hostile to them if they should try to visit Ghana to flaunt their wedding rings.

May also hit on respecting their decisions and believe as queer people. Below is a full-length video of how they were introduced to society after a behind closed doors wedding.

Sweet German-Ghanaian Gay Marriage Causes Stir

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