Scholarships in USA: 15 Best Fully Funded USA scholarships

Scholarships in USA: 15 Best Fully Funded USA scholarships

Scholarships in USA: 15 Best Fully Funded USA scholarships

Obtaining a higher education in the United States is the dream of millions of applicants, but only hundreds of students end up in it. There are several reasons for this statistics. Firstly, studying in the USA is very expensive, if you don’t get grants and scholarships, and secondly, even if there is enough money in the family, there must be a high level of knowledge and erudition, since money alone will not get you very far in the USA.

Best Fully Funded USA scholarships

Absolutely all applicants know about top universities belonging to the Golden Ivy League, which provide hundreds of grants for studying for foreign students. But have you ever thought that perhaps you may not have enough competencies to enter world-famous universities, and in the USA there are other universities that provide talented foreigners with the opportunity to study for free. We have prepared for you a list of universities that are ready to give foreign applicants a scholarship that covers 100% of tuition costs. So, keep these schools in mind:

Layola Marymount university (California)

There are two scholarship programs that cover 100% of tuition costs, as well as on-campus accommodation and meals in the cafeteria.

Geogra Washington university (DC)

There is a presidential scholarship for both Americans and foreign students: studying and staying at the university is absolutely free, even meals are covered.

University of Miami (Miami, Florida)

You can also study here absolutely free of charge, but you must submit documents for studying/receiving a scholarship before November 1, and after sending the documents you will need to undergo an interview with a faculty representative. If a student misses the deadline for submitting documents, then they can no longer apply for a grant.

Emory University (Atlanta, Georgia)

An ideal place to study for those applicants who want to connect their lives with exact sciences, medicine, engineering, and research. If you want to get here, you must submit your application before November 15th.

University of Georgia (Atlanta, Georgia)

There are also 2 scholarships for different competitions, which fully cover all costs of training, food and accommodation. There is no deadline for submitting an application or an interview with a representative of the department, but you need to show your level of knowledge (grades from your previous place of study, a letter of motivation and pass exams with the highest score).

University of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois)

It is quite difficult to get into this university, since the requirements for applicants are very high. However, there is a program that fully covers tuition, room and board, and also includes a one-time payment of $10,000 in pocket money.

Ford ham university (New York)

Here is a network of several scholarships that cover all costs of studying and living in the USA.

Syracuse university (New York)

There are also full scholarships for foreigners here, but in order to get here you need to show a very strong application in terms of essays, grades and exam results.

Davidson College (North Carolina)

A good college located near the coast and ranked high in college rankings in the United States. There is a full scholarship covering the cost of food, accommodation, and, of course, tuition.

Duke university (North Carolina)

It boldly cooperates with the Ivy League and trains highly qualified specialists in the fields of business, medicine, and economics. You need to show a very serious application for exams, grades in the certificate, and pass an interview with the admissions committee. There are only a few scholarship places for foreign students, but there are hundreds of applicants.

Brown University (Rhode Island)

An Ivy League university with a huge student funding pool. There are no grades, religious references, divisions between men and women, and hundreds of other indicators that are inherent in the American educational system.

Providence college (Rhode Island)

There is a full scholarship here, but a very serious application is required, and it is important to pay special attention to the motivation letter, where you describe exactly why you deserve to be a student at this college.

Vanderbilt university (Tennessee)

It occupies many top positions and boldly competes with the Ivy League. There are 3 scholarships for international students: for “all” international students, for those who see themselves in business, and for those who dream of doing research.

University of Richmond (Virginia)

The scholarship covers the cost of food, accommodation, tuition, but the application must be submitted before December 1. The university is included in the top positions of many rankings.

Washington and Lee university (Virginia)

A reputable university that provides a scholarship and covers all costs of tuition, food and accommodation, and also gives a “summer” scholarship in the amount of $7,000, so that the student has pocket money. Only a strong application is required for admission.

These universities provide international students with the opportunity to study and live in the United States for free. You may not have heard of some universities before, but if such conditions interest you, it’s time to go to their official websites and read detailed information for admission.