In-Demand Professions and salaries for UK Immigrants

In-Demand Professions and salaries for UK Immigrants

In-Demand Professions and salaries for UK Immigrants

Many specialists from the former CIS countries prefer to look for work in the West. Those who received Romanian citizenship with the company EU.RO Group give preference to work in Germany, the Czech Republic or the same Romania. Customer feedback suggests that the UK is less attractive due to Brexit. But still, immigrants are still interested in finding employment in the country. The UK is often looking for immigrant workers who are strong in construction, IT, design, engineering and architecture. The state government has provided a convenient and accessible website on which anyone can publish their resume. Specialists in in-demand professions have a better chance of getting a job in Britain.

Minimum salary

Every year, the Ministry of Labor reviews the minimum wage and living wage, which is provided for immigrant workers in the UK. Over the past two years, wages have increased by 6%. The cost of living is £600, with some regions seeing increases in this figure. According to statistics, UK citizens or an immigrant worker receives:

  • from £9 to £11 per hour from 25 years of age;
  • from £8 to £10 per hour from 21 years of age;
  • about £6 from 18 years of age.

Trainees are paid £4-5 per hour. Based on their calculations, the average monthly salary ranges from £800 to £1,800. If a citizen’s income is less than the existing indicators, this is considered an offense by the employer. The minimum salary is more relevant for employees who are employed on a part-time basis or on an internship.

Professions in demand for UK immigrants

The average salary for experienced professionals is between £2,000 and £4,000. This amount allows a person to live comfortably in the country. The most in-demand jobs for UK immigrants:

  • Engineers;
  • Drivers;
  • Programmers;
  • Architects;
  • Psychologists;
  • Doctors;
  • Veterinarians;
  • Designers;
  • Analysts;
  • Musicians;
  • Translators;

The average salary of specialists in these areas is about 3-5 thousand dollars.

List of high-paying vacancies

High wages in the UK range from £12k to £15k. Highly paid professions include:

  • Stock Brokers;
  • Directors;
  • Pilots;
  • In-house Lawyers;
  • Anesthesiologists;
  • Air Traffic Controllers.

Such specialists are always in demand. Employers offer them favorable employment conditions and decent salaries.

Employment in the UK

Employment in Britain means high income, prospects and citizenship of a prosperous, developed country. Many modern people decide to move to the Kingdom to improve their quality of life and fulfillment in a certain area.

Immigration begins with obtaining a work visa. The state government offers applicants several programs through which they can obtain a work permit in the country. Companies often invite highly specialized specialists to join their staff.

Anyone interested can pre-register on the British government portal, where they can leave their resume. If the applicant manages to interest the employer, he will need to provide a diploma indicating his education and undergo an interview to show his level of knowledge of the state language.