What Are The Requirements For MasterCard Scholarship Ongoing 2022

In every university in the program, the requirements for MasterCard scholarship differ. That is to say, every university under the program has its eligibility criteria by which they accept applicants onto the program. However, generally, an undergraduate applicant must be below 29 years and a master’s program applicant must be below 35 years at the time of application.

Apart from that, what are the other requirements for the MasterCard scholarship program? The applicant must be academically strong and demonstrate a commitment to making difference in the community and other lives of others positively after graduating from the institution.

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Every step, process and decision making is done solely by the partners with no interference from MasterCard. Therefore, interested applicants must apply through the institutions of their choice and after thorough research on application guidelines for the said institution or call the institution for more information.

Partner institutions have their deadlines and application fees but institutions that require fees for application as part of the admission will reimburse if the applicant is selected for the scholars’ program.

The Requirements For MasterCard Scholarship

Before You Apply For The MasterCard Scholarship

• Research the program website of the institution and learn the specific details of the eligibility criteria, requirements, deadlines and other application procedures stated to follow.

• Select your program and institution and apply. You can apply to as many institutions as you can. Bear in mind that, it is a wholesome task to complete a convincing and winning application package. Perhaps you would have to concentrate on a few or even one at a time.

• Prepare the necessary documents for each program and institution you are applying to. Do not forget each institution demands different documents or requirements for the application process and failure to submit a complete package renders the application incomplete.

• Take any applicable test months before starting your application. MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program demands that every applicant meets the application requirements of his/her chosen university. For some partner institutions, SAT / TOEFL and IELTS are parts of the standard requirements for all international students.

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• Start to look for a referee as you begin the scholarship application process. Some institutions require recommendation letters. Your former teacher, mentor, and community leader can help you with this. So should an institution request one, you can follow up with your referees about the application.

When Applying For The MasterCard Scholarship

• Recheck your application package to make sure you have provided all the required documents for the application process.

• Do not wait for the last day to submit your application. Those who apply ahead of time stand a better chance of winning the awards.

• Follow the application instructions on the university program and know where to submit your application as some schools receive online applications while some accept paper-based.

The above list l can say, are the requirements for MasterCard Scholarship but what happens if you can not afford the admission fee that some of the partners demand as part of the admission process?

What If You Cannot Afford The Admission Fee For MasterCard Scholarship Application.

Many partner institutions of the MasterCard Foundation Scholar Program require application as part fo the application process. Try the following options if the admission fees became an obstacle for you.

  • In some cases, the university to which you are applying may be able to assist with the completion of tests. If you are confident that you can fulfil the requirements of the SAT and TOEFL, ask your counsellor or principal to provide you with a letter of support or similar documentation that expresses their confidence in your academic achievements. Share your story and your letters of support with the admissions office of the university to which you are applying.
  • Some students have also had success by working through Education USA. Their advisors may be able to help you find support to cover the costs of the SAT or TOEFL.
  • And also there are good African based universities that offer undergraduate and graduate programs that do not require SAT or TOEFL scores.

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So basically, thee are the requirements for MasterCard Scholarship application and what to do before and during the application process to have a better chance of winning the award.

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