Road Quicky: Two Mentally Ill Lovers At The Road

What is love to you reader? Your definition will belong with aims and targets but for people, it’s just being able to be with someone you cherish no matter the condition, state, or environment.

They don’t have aims nor goals. They live like there is no tomorrow. And that fits their world. I am talking about those with severe mental issues.

Two Mentally Ill Lovers At The Road

A video spotted by has a couple busily knacking in the center of a road with a lot of cars and pedestrians passing with their cameras fully gazed at them.

According to the source, the incident happened in Nigeria, and the couple is beloved to be legally married before an ailment that got both insane.

Their love has transgressed from a normal to a normal state. And they are stick glued together. That is the love I am talking. I am making sense at all, Mr or Mrs. Reader?  Watch the video HERE