Dirty Confession! Two Young Men Caught Chopping Each Other’s Anus

As wrong as African society may deem these acts, one must come to unison with the fact that there are people like these two Nigerian men who have chosen to abandon all the juiciness that comes with a woman’s body to chop anus.

A group of community watchdogs in one unstated town in Nigeria has uncovered the crime of homosexualism which was firstly bartered between two men – too much love for money can actually lead to engaging in a lot of unimaginable things.

According to these two after severe torture, confesses that they got indulged in the act on an agreement that a party [ the man acting the female ] will pay cash or help to travel to Morrocco and from there, to any part of the world. But that wasn’t the case as both of them got chopped from behind. And hence they all enjoyed the thrusting, there was no need to pay any party – a duel which landed them in the hands of the community watchdogs.


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