Pastor Stabs Wife To Death, Killed Himself During Church Service.

A pastor stabbed his wife and slaughter himself during a church service leaving the congregation in the a great shock in Mombasa, Kenya.

Pastor Elijah Misiko, co-founder of the Grounds for God’s Gospel Mission killed his wife who is also a senior pastor called Ann Mughoi two times during prayer and when he realised the wife is dead, he stabbed himself three times in the stomach before cutting his throat.

According CNN reports retrieved from a local police, Pastor Elijah had hidden the knife in one envelope he brought to church, during the service, he walked to the wife as if to whisper in her ears.

“….”He walked up to his wife while the church was praying as if he wanted to whisper something to her. Then he took one of the knives and stabbed her (wife) two times.

He believed she was dead. He then stabbed himself three times in the stomach and slit his throat,” the Mombasa sub-county police commander Julius Kiragu said…”

Pastor Elijah died on the pulpit whiles the wife died at a local hospital after some hours.

The couples are reported to have been fighting over the ownership of the church.


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