Easiest P2E Games On Android – Play NFT Games And Earn Money.

Make money playing easy and funful P2E games on Android. What are P2E games? P2E or Play-to-earn or NFT games, even just crypto games are blockchain-based games that reward players in NFTs or cryptos or even character skins. P2E games are the direct opposite of free-to-play or F2P games that you play freely and earn items through gameplay but never had your hands on or can only trade them in the game world.

Unlike F2P games, P2E games allow you to trade or sell your assets earn through the games to other players – assets in P2E games are NFTs. And when your earn these NFTs, you sell them to get crypto and then send the crypto from your wallet to your account on the crypto exchange you are using. You are about to make some cool cash. Hence the name of the game Play-to-Earn [ P2E ].

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Now, these P2E games are in compatibility categories- Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. In this article, we will list the easiest to-play P2E games on Android. That does not mean the following games are playable on Android only.

30 P2E Games On Android

1. Real Hunters

2. Farmers World.

3. Skyweaver

4. War Of Crypta

5. Monsta Infinite

6. Devikins

7. Axie Infinite

8. Crypto Shooter

9. Plants vs Undead

10. Crazy Kings


12. Realm

13. Reward Hunters

14. Gods Unchained

15. Gala games.

16. Heroverse

17. Sandbox

18. Upland


20. Forest Knight

21. Sorare

22. Coin Hunt World

23. CropBytes

24. Spells Of Genesis

25. My Master War

26. Kingdom Karnage

27. Gamee

28. Battle Racing Stars

29. CryptoKitties


Let’s take a closer look at some of these games in detail. I will keep updating this list anytime l try a listed game and have much info about it.


Easiest P2E Games On Android - Play NFT Games And Earn Money.

CryptoKitties was the first P2R game built by the Ethereum blockchain. This game is about keeping virtual pets. In this game, your task is to reproduce cryptokitties to help unlock extraordinary qualities and earn exceptional rewards.

You can also create a league of kittens and play other puzzles with the help of the kittens, and partake in catfights in the Kittyverse. The game involves purchasing, collecting, breeding, and selling kittens.

Reward Hunters

Easiest P2E Games On Android - Play NFT Games And Earn Money.

Reward Hunters is one of the best P2E NFT games you can come across. It makes gaming feel so real just as its reward, however, you must purchase its native token RHT to be eligible for Binance coin rewards. There is one on one challenges between players, 1 to 8, open-world combats, and royal battles where the last man standing emerge as the winner.

The game also displays medieval settings, avatars, weekly competitions and even betting events.


Easiest P2E Games On Android

The skyweaver is one of the very popular NFT and P2E games on Android and browser-based where your skills win you cards that you can trade, collect and gift to friends. Skyweaver game demands you to create a wallet before you can start playing. A skyweaver wallet because the game is a card trading platform where the silver and gold you win actually exist on the Ethereum blockchain as your property hence you need a wallet to put them in.

The Skyweaver doesn’t require you to buy any token or digital currency because as you level up, you will be unlocking 500+ base cards.

War Of Crypta

Easiest P2E Games On Android

War of Crypta is player to player web-based and mobile P2E NFT game where you collect, level up, evolve, and battle other players with your favorite heroes. War of Crypta heroes are characters that can be unlocked in the game or purchased from the game’s marketplace. These heroes are unique, evolvable, and tradeable.

Depending on when the hero was created or bought, they will have different skin or backing. Every player will be fighting 4 heroes they have or chosen, you must win as many fights as you can to earn rewards such as gold, dust, and crystals and hence level up.

Monsta Infinite

Easiest P2E Games On Android - Play NFT Games And Earn Money.

Monsta infinite is one of the Monsta-based NFT breeding, battle, and building game that pays players for playing the game either competitively or for fun. Each player needs 3 Monstas from the marketplace to participate in games.

In the Monsta Infinite game, players form team Monstas and battle a villainous scourge – Jilaka. And in return, earn rewards in the form of in-game items and stemen TellusĀ  [STT] – digital assets that represent its digital currency.


Easiest P2E Games On Android - Play NFT Games And Earn Money.

Devikins NFTs are the playable characters of the RPG game, Devikins. Players can collect, breed, grow, and battle with their Devikins NFTs. A Devikins NFT is addressed as a Devikin, a cute being originally from the Void, the main world of the Devikins game. A Devikin exists inside of Devikins and outside of it. You do not have to be a player to collect these adorable rascals. You can hold them in your wallet and never bring it to the game.

Axie Infinite

Easiest P2E Games On Android - Play NFT Games And Earn Money.

The list of NFT P2E games on Android won’t be complete without Axie infinite. The NFT game is one of the highest revenue games after hitting $ 1 billion in August 2021, currently with more than a million active players. And also, this Ethereum-based non-fungible token [NFT] game is the most popular NFT game right now.

Axies are creatures that love to build, hunt, and battle for treasure. Players can create these creatures to battle in the Arena mode, fight enemies in the adventure mode, and earn AXS tokens.

Crypto Shooter

Easiest P2E Games On Android - Play NFT Games And Earn Money.

Crypto Shooter is a modern take on the classic fast-paced shooter gameplay. Its multiplayer gameplay features Human and AI opponents engaging in challenging and exciting matches. It is a blockchain-based role-play shooting game with a collection of weapons for players to equip, upgrade levels to complete missions and earn NFT & tokens.

On one side, Crypto Shooter will become a community-powered, persistent part of a sci-fi universe. On the other side, it will be integrating with a blockchain-based gaming platform, featuring tokenized statistics and rewards.

Plants vs Undead

Easiest P2E Games On Android - Play NFT Games And Earn Money.

Plant vs Undead is among the highly rated NFT P2E games on android and other platforms because it also pays players just like other NFT games on this list. The game is literally the name it bears. Once a home to both plants and animals, an infectious disease turned the animals into ‘Undead zombies’ seeking to destroy the plants.

As a player, protecting your farm from these animals, and other farm chores, you produce an in-game currency called Light energy that can be converted into a digital currency called PVU token [ Plants Vs Undead ] and traded on various DEXs.

Crazy Kings

Easiest P2E Games On Android - Play NFT Games And Earn Money.

As a King, defend yourself from enemies who seek to destroy you by building towers and earn in-game tokens called Tower. The tower is an erc20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that can be used in both games of the crazy king series. The crazy king series consists of two games, Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Heroes.

Crazy King is one addictive NFT game with over 600+ levels, 30+ pieces of equipment to enhance the abilities of your avatars in attacking damage, speed, defense, etc, and also unique skilled hero allies to fight with.