5 Top NFT Games 2022

The long list of top NFT games is taking over the gaming world – forcing the F2P ones to blend with the new craze of P2E – Crazy kings. Gamers are moving to where they play a role in the economies of the game and get rewarded [ play-to-earn ] for it than just being mere players for fun.

I always say NFT games are better improvements on traditional games, in traditional games, you collect weapons, skins, trophies, etc which have no value in the real world, and as soon as you quit the game, you lose those rewards but in NFT games, those collectibles have real-world value.

NFT Games are simply games that use blockchain to prove ownership of specific game assets. NFT games use the blockchain for 4 major reasons: To prove ownership and history of ownership, provable scarcity, to make their assets unchanging and uneditable, and finally decentralized.

The earlier you believe the tokenization of these games is no fad but evolution and here to stay, the closer you are to make some good cash out of your gaming hours. And if you want, these top NFT games below are ones most players are rating.

5 Top NFT Games To Make Money.

1. Axie Infinite

This Vietnamese-created NFT game is paying players in Philipines and around the world reasonably and it is time you get on board too.  This Ethereum-based game allows players to breed or collect NFT-based pets called Axies, which they use in gameplay. The stronger and undefeatable an Axie gets, the costlier it becomes due to its rareness and unique traits and you can trade the Axies on NFT marketplaces.

To begin playing this game, you need 3 Axies which you will have to purchase. For each task, you receive Smooth Love Portion [SLP] – the platform’s native token – as a reward.

2. Splinterlands

This is one of the top NFT collectible card games. But before you can play, you need to create a Steem account and purchase a starter pack of cards and then you unveil the purchased cards on the Splinterlands. Each card is unique in a stat, level, experience, cost, ability, and rarity.

If you are lucky to find rare cards in your starter pack, good. If you get unlucky to get more than 1 set of the same card, you will have to sell one, rent them out to other players or combine the identical cards for a power boost.

3. Battle Racers

Battle racers as the name suggest is all about building the strongest NFT cars. As a player of battle racers, you can mix parts and weapons to build your car that will give you an advantage over other racers on arcade-sized tracks to finish the line as number 1.

In building your supercar for Battle Racers, you can choose defense over firepower or steer-handling over speed, all in an attempt to emerge the ultimate winner. If you eventually succeeded in building that supercar and won races with it, you can register it on the blockchain as an NFT and subsequently sell it for a digital currency.

4. Sorare

Sorare is a fantasy football card trading NFT game on the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy or collect trading cards to compete in weekly games and stand a chance to win Ethereum or unlock rare cards. These cards are into four levels of a rarity – Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique.

On Sorare, you earn a free starter pack when you sign up, however, to climb up on the division table and make progress you are to buy unique cards that you can trade with other players or sell in the open marketplace.

5. Stars Atlas

Arguably one of the most anticipated blockchain games ever, Star Atlas is widely expected to set a new standard in the play-to-earn space by blending expansive space exploration gameplay, carefully-designed strategy elements, and top-quality graphics to produce what may be the first AAA-grade blockchain game.

Stars Atlas is about space exploration, mining, and development. Players can create their avatars, crew, starships, and even set up mining sectors as they move around the globe. Collectibles will be tradeable on the Stars Atlas marketplace while some will be consumables.

And this is my list of top NFT games that l can boldly ask you to try as a gamer who wants to make money from his game time, skills, and ability to manoeuver the obstacles in each game. Out of this list of top NFT games, it is only Stars Atlas that is yet to be released, it will be released later this year.

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