Novels: I Don’t Want Popularity XI

#Sun_Nim’s POV

It’s been days since I went to the president’s house, and also days without seeing Shin Park at all.
Well I’ve been avoiding him to start with, I left the house to stay in a neighbour’s house for a while so he won’t find me.
I didn’t go to school for a few days, he kept calling and texting that he wanted to see me that I had to block him.

Why make him go through all that when his father doesn’t want to see me. But my heart yearns for him, these days are filled with torment for me.

But it’s for the best.
He hasn’t been coming to school anymore, why is Oppa bothering himself over such a minor issue like this. I sat down and started studying, well I’ve become serious now and I’ve learned to mind my business.

A call came through my phone, the ID is unknown. I didn’t pick up, maybe Shin Park is the one calling me with another number. It kept ringing for about three times before I decided to just pick up and check, it could be someone else.

๐Ÿ“žHyun Sun Nim?
๐Ÿ“žPlease I need to see you, where are you?
This is a woman’s voice, is he playing games with me or what?
๐Ÿ“žI’m sorry but I’m really busy
๐Ÿ“žIf you really love Shin Park then please let’s meet up before he kills himself
๐Ÿ“žWell… I can’t I’m sorry
๐Ÿ“žI thought so,Can you meet up with me instead?

๐Ÿ“žWho are you?
๐Ÿ“žYou still don’t know now, I’m his mother.
I gasped and bowed even when I know she can’t see me.
๐Ÿ“žI’m sorry… I didn’t know.
๐Ÿ“žAre you coming
๐Ÿ“žGreat I’ll send someone to pick you up
She hung up, I checked myself. I’m dressed well, I continued studying until she called me again that I should send my location.

I sent my location to her and in a few minutes the car came, I managed to enter even though I’m scared.
I suddenly remembered when he first asked his men to come pick me up and I ran away thinking they’re bad people, I smiled as a tear dropped.

I wiped it, I remember the first time he actually k*ssed me. How passionate and good a man like that is rare to find.
How could I have thought that he could ever be with a girl like me?

I *stoopidly fell in love with him, now I’m paying for it.
I miss him hugging me, I miss him consoling me when I cry and I miss his smile. I miss him badly.
The car came to a halt at a garden, the door opened and I stepped down. A lady came to take me, we walked around and I saw the first lady sitting at a table.

I bowed as I got there, she asked me to sit but I kept my face down.
How can I bring myself to look at her?
“You don’t have to be scared around me, I just wanted to pour out my heart” she started.

“Shin Park has never been this way over a girl except with his dead girlfriend, he loved her with his life. Now you, I know he loves you a lot. Ever since you left that day, we never saw him again and he never spoke to us. I’m sorry my husband was harsh on you”

I bowed, “It’s okay, I understand”
“Please do me a favour and just go see him for once please, just once. He just wants to be able to at least say goodbye to you, he’s suffering so much and I’m scared he might harm himself.

Please I’m asking you as a mother… ” She held my hand almost in tears, “Help my child”

I stared at her, I didn’t know what to say but her tears moved me…
I stepped down from the car and walked towards the beach house myself, I stopped in front of it and pressed the doorbell.

No one answered, I suddenly got scared. I went in and checked everywhere but he isn’t there, I went out and started looking around.
I finally stopped when I saw a figure standing on the cliff of a huge rock, it’s him.

“Oppa!!!” I yelled, he turned on seeing me and stared at me shocked.
He started running towards me, he carried me and hugged me so tight that I didn’t want to let go.

#Shin_Park’s POV

I hugged her so tight, I missed her.
I’ve looked for her for days but I never found her and now she just appears. It’s a big miracle.
I’m in love with her, I didn’t realise this until I didn’t see her again.

She ran away from me, she didn’t want to see me and I feel like ending my life.
She disengaged and stared at me, “I’m so glad you’re here”
“I just came to see how you’re doing” she said.
“I’m sorry… I’m sorry for everything” I apologise.

She forced a smile, “it’s fine, we can’t be together anyway… I wanted to tell you to go back home”
I started walking away, “Is that all you came to tell me?”
“Go back home to your family, you have to continue your life, eat well and move on”

I stopped, “Why can’t we be together? I love you… I’m willing to do anything why can’t you just come back to me?”
She smiled as a tear dropped, “I can’t because I don’t deserve you, please forget about me and don’t love me”

“I’m sorry for what my father said, I’m sorry if I ever hurt you in any way but I’m not sorry that I love you damn it!” I yelled and walked away.
She’s never going to accept me again, I’m hurting so much and this is my dad’s fault.
I am so angry right now, I don’t want to live anymore. I’m so angry.

I started walking without stopping, very fast. Then I heard footsteps running towards me, I stopped and turned.
She jumped on me and hugged me, I held her tight that I feel her tears washing through my shirt.

“Stop crying” I said.
“I’m sorry Oppa, I’m just scared”
I put her down and stared into her eyes, “Don’t be, I’m here for you”
I pulled her in for a very romantic k*ss, I missed her so much.
“I missed you” she said.
“I missed you more, you ran away” I replied holding her hand as we walked to the house.

She laughed, “I didn’t run away, I was at a neighbour’s house”
My eyes widened, “Really? How come I never saw you?”
“Well… It’s just that he covers me so well that… ”

“Stop sounding jealous, he’s an old man… He decided to help me because I was nice to him”
“Do I sound jealous? I’m just asking” I said opening the door for her to get in.
I went in and we talked a lot, we decided to muster up the courage to go see my father and ask for his permission.

“I just wanted to ask you sir, can I take Shin Park out on a date? I’m not after his money or good looks, I’m just another girl in love and all I ask for is for me to be with my love” She said.
My dad thought it over for a while before granting us his permission, provided we keep it hidden till I’m done with high school.

We walked out of the mansion happy in each others arms, my dad finally agreed. I’m so happy right now I can kill someone.

Well Sun Nim and I are just starting this phase in our relationship, we still have a long way to go.
Even as she found me out, she still kept my secret.
I’m still going to school as that weird Shin Park, no one knows my identity till now.
And I’m in love again…
The End
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