Most Kids Are Fatherless Due To Some Women’s Stubbornness – Lady Reveals.

Most kids are suffering no-father-love because of the stubbornness of some women who always want to have everything their way

A lady who was disclosed to be a motivational speaker revealed several reasons why some ladies prefer to single parent and what single parenting does to kids.

In an Instagram video, the speaker laments heavily about about how some single mothers selfishly make their kids go through the fatherless trauma whilst the fathers really wanted to be with their kids and support them.

She, however marginalised the scenario to those who claim to have a point to prove. Some women say if you are not marrying me, there is no way you will see your child, some just do that to punish some ‘innocent’ fathers forgetting that it is affecting the kids negatively.

She advised ladies to secure the ring before putting kids to bed for men, but failure to do that before child birth, you can’t and shouldn’t try to control the man if he refuses to put the ring on your finger and make you the only woman in his life.

After having kids, she said, “ You can’t always have your way when you got a child, a child needs a mother to stand in the gap and be mature, to put their needs before hers, some women will allow their child to face hell in their lives , be apart from their fathers because they want their ways. ” lf you ain’t marrying me, if am not getting the ring, l can rest assure that you ain’t going to see your child no more.

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